• 30 “Loved Up” Elounor Pics? Nah son, have 30 Larry pics instead!

    Oh Lisa McG. you can always be counted on for an embarrassing laugh… I wonder how much she gets paid to write these articles and holy hell sign me up, please! We haven’t seen Eleanor or heard from her, really, in months, so of course we’ve gotta stave off those break up rumors with a(…)

  • Loving Reckless Sugarscape

    http://www.sugarscape.com/main-topics/music/1030363/30-signs-youve-been-one-direction-fan-very-beginning This made me SO nostalgic oh my god. 3. You remember when Harry and Louis tweeting each other was just a normal, every day thing. 4. On that note – Larry Stylinson was just funny, and not the CONTROVERSIAL topic it is today. Sugarscape, you’re getting reckless and I love it! Please don’t ever(…)

  • Harry Styles Writing Songs With Ariana Grande, John Legend, Kodaline

    I feel like this is old news? This Kodaline story seems really, really familiar, but maybe I’m just having intense deja vu? In the studio with @Harry_Styles in LA writing a tune, sounds massive. He's gone and done a drawing of us.. x pic.twitter.com/KoLh3lPNWp — Kodaline (@Kodaline) March 6, 2014 God Bless, Sugarscape, though! Their(…)

  • The Daily Fail Hits A New Low!

    How's this daily mail article acceptable? 2 people seen in a street & therefore they don't care about a tragedy? http://t.co/0OxHYaYni8 — Ben Winston (@benwinston) April 9, 2014 Ben Winston has it right!   According to The Daily Mail (and their comment section of the most upstanding citizens) Nick Grimshaw and Alexa Chung not cancelling(…)


    I’m crying laughing! This is hilarious! I’ve been WAITING for some site to do an article like this. In NO way have I thought she was pregnant at any point this whole time. I’m glad someone else thinks so too. http://www.crushable.com/2014/01/31/entertainment/danielle-kevin-jonas-fake-pregnancy-photo-proof/  

30 “Loved Up” Elounor Pics? Nah son, have 30 Larry pics instead! 0

Oh Lisa McG. you can always be counted on for an embarrassing laugh…

I wonder how much she gets paid to write these articles and holy hell sign me up, please! We haven’t seen Eleanor or heard from her, really, in months, so of course we’ve gotta stave off those break up rumors with a stupid article about how cute Louis and Eleanor are! VOMIT. I seriously wonder if Lisa McG is embarrassed that her professional name is tied to articles as absolutely moronic and embarrassing as these lies. Especially knowing what she writes isn’t even true. Maybe she gets enough money that it doesn’t even matter to her…

One Direction fans may not ship every girl that hooks up with their idols, but very few could deny what a stunningly cute couple Eleanor Calder and Louis Tomlinson make.

Oh honey, try the part of the fandom not shoved so far up Modest Management’s ass…

The pair have been dating for more than two years and it’s reported that they were introduced by 1D star Harry Styles, who supposedly knew El before he found fame.

LOL no you’re just so, so wrong there. They’ve lived three hours apart their entire lives and he’s only interacted with her maybe once in two years. That’d strange if they were friends, no?

Eleanor has joined the band on tour, been spotted at many of their shows, met all of Louis’ family, hung out with his grandfather, enjoyed a number of romantic beach breaks with her man and we’re just surprised that Lou Lou hasn’t followed Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards’ lead and popped the question to the pretty student already!

DYING because this entire paragraph just reads to me like “Look what a serious couple they are!” And for the love of God, woman, stop calling him Lou Lou.

He admitted recently that he worries Calder will take off with another man while he’s off on one of his many tours but judging from some of the pictures below, we don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.

El can’t keep the smile and adoring looks off her face when she’s with her handsome young man and he looks just as smitten with the brunette beauty we think you’ll agree.

LOL I’m sorry, but what?

So we can’t judge that Harry and Louis are dating off the hundreds and thousands of pictures of them looking so in love it physically hurts, yet 30 pictures is all it should convince people that Louis and Eleanor are together and happy? This is so, so dumb it’s laughable.

Louis admitted recently that it can be ‘tough’ for he and Eleanor to cope with the long distance element of their relationship but we think they’re doing just fine.

Click through the gallery of our favourite El & Lou pics and be sure to vote for who should be next week’s “Couple of the Week” below!

Yeah, we’re not doing that shit. Here, have 30 pics/gifs of Larry instead.

i think about this a lot



Loving Reckless Sugarscape 0


This made me SO nostalgic oh my god.

3. You remember when Harry and Louis tweeting each other was just a normal, every day thing.

4. On that note – Larry Stylinson was just funny, and not the CONTROVERSIAL topic it is today.

Sugarscape, you’re getting reckless and I love it! Please don’t ever stop!

Harry Styles Writing Songs With Ariana Grande, John Legend, Kodaline 0

I feel like this is old news? This Kodaline story seems really, really familiar, but maybe I’m just having intense deja vu?

God Bless, Sugarscape, though! Their Danielle Peazer Teazer joke made me laugh out loud in class.

So we’ve got this new theory as to why Harry Styles keeps wearing these headrags. The thing is, he’s so busy using his hands to pen smash hits for the likes of Ariana Grande (and actual One Direction) that he hasn’t got a second to do his barnet. And what with Lou Teadale galavanting around in New York who else is gonna do it, eh?

Yup – it’s no secret that our Harreh’s been hitting the studio *loads* lately – and now Kodaline have been big old Danielle Teasers about their writing session with him a few weeks back, claiming they worked on an ‘unrequited love song’ together (i.e. an emotional musical take on our relationship.)

Chatting to Bang Showbiz, guitarist Mark Prendergrast spilled: “Harry Styles came to two of our shows and he’s a big fan and we ended up going to the studio and writing a song together.

“He’s a really good lad. Very funny and a very good writer and singer. It was an unrequited love song but we’re not sure what we’re doing with it yet, but it’s there.” Now we’d love to be able to say this whole thing wasn’t our relationship with Hazlan down to a T, but the ‘DOES NOT FOLLOW YOU’ in that little greyed-out box sort of tells a different story 🙁

Whaddaya reckon, then? Excited to hear the track? Reckon it’s gonna feature some Zayn Malik-esque rapping? WE CAN DREAM.

I’m so excited about this, y’all. He’s writing with Kodaline, John Legend, and so many other big-name stars. I really, really hope some of these songs end up on the album!



The Daily Fail Hits A New Low! 0

Ben Winston has it right!


According to The Daily Mail (and their comment section of the most upstanding citizens) Nick Grimshaw and Alexa Chung not cancelling their plans to go back to the UK with Pixie following her sister’s death is reprehensible and, of course, evidenced by one picture of them walking down the street. . . . . I just . . .

It seems Alexa Chung and Nick Grimshaw are gearing up for a week full of sunshine and music at California’s Coachella festival while their friend Pixie Geldof, 23, mourns the loss of her sister.

Peaches Geldof, 25, was found dead at home in Kent on Monday afternoon and Pixie flew straight back to the UK to be with her family after she found out the tragic news.

While Pixie comes to terms with the sad news at her father Bob Geldof’s house in London and has cancelled her appearance at the festival, it appears her friends Nick and Alex are still up for the music and arts rave.

Meanwhile organisers for Coachella yesterday confirmed Pixie has pulled out of her set appearance on April 12, saying: ‘We can confirm that Pixie Geldof was scheduled to DJ at The Old Navy Oasis event, but is no longer participating.’

With the weekend festival due to kick off on April 11, it looks like Nick – who has taken time off his Radio 1 Breakfast Show to chill-out at the sun-soaked event – and Alex are raring to go.

Mourning: Pixie, 23, has flown back to the UK after her sister Peaches was found dead at home in Kent on Monday afternoon

The pair were spotted smiling as they strolled along the street in Los Angeles with Alexa even showing off her never-ending legs in a micro-skirt.

The star strode along carrying a woven handbag and a leopard print coat over her arm.

Nick trailed behind the British model with a bearded friend in a thick-knit orange cardigan.

Carrying a box of cigarettes, the star wore a leather jacket and a Hamsa necklace –  depicting a palm with an eye inside, which is meant to be a good luck charm.

Neither Alexa or Nick have tweeted since the news of Peaches broke on 7 April – and nor has Pixie, who previously posted pictures of the trio onto her Instagram account.

The only Geldof sibling, of which there are four, to comment on Peaches’ death was older sister Fifi, who posted onto Instagram: ‘My beautiful baby sister. Gone but never forgotten. I love you, Peaches x.’

And while Alexa and Nick enjoyed themselves, they weren’t the only A-listers at the star studded Chateau Marmont on Tuesday evening.
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2600650/Pixie-Geldof-cancels-plans-sisters-tragic-death.html#ixzz2yPXqYk2w
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HOW does ONE picture mean they don’t care about their friend’s death?? It doesn’t! The media is so, so stupid 100% of the time it physically hurts, but this is just disgusting!

Who has ANY right to say what’s really going on? Maybe they wanted to go with her, but she told them to stay! Going to someone’s funeral, especially if you know the family, is NOT the only way to pay your respects and show that you loved someone. I just can’t even believe this article got written. I’m stunned. Even more stunned at the general public in the comments that are hating on Nick and Alexa for it. You can hate Nick and his friends all you want, but SERIOUSLY thinking he doesn’t care about the death of a FRIEND is disgusting. So many people are turning this occasion into further “proof” that Nick is the monster they so, so badly want to believe, and this just infuriates me. In your hatred for him did you stop and remember that his friend died? Like . . .?

R.I.P. Mrs. T. :'( 0

Mrs. T died 🙁

This could explain why Lou’s been MIA for so long, spending quality time (that he deserves) with his family 🙁

Harry Wins Injunction Against Paps 0

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! BBC Entertainment News has an article about Harry winning a temporary injunction against paparazzi:

One Direction star Harry Styles has won a court order stopping the paparazzi from harassing him.

The 19-year-old applied to the High Court as a last resort, after asking photographers to stop following him voluntarily, his lawyer said.

“This is not a privacy order,” David Sherborne told the court. “Mr Styles is not trying to prevent fans approaching him in the street and taking photos.

“He remains happy to do that, as he always has.”

“Rather, it is the method or tactics which have been used by a certain type of photographer.”

Styles shot to fame after auditioning for the X Factor in 2010 as a solo artist. He was convinced to join several other contestants in forming a boy band, who have since gone on to become global superstars.

The five-piece are constantly followed by photographers and regularly complain about the behaviour of the paparazzi on their Twitter accounts.

One Direction pose for accredited photographers at the premiere of their film This Is Us in August One Direction pose for accredited photographers at the premiere of their film This Is Us in August

Last month, bandmate Niall Horan reported he had been “dragged to the floor by some idiot with a camera” at Los Angeles’ LAX airport, adding: “I hate the paps!”

Liam Payne tweeted someone had tried to “force open” the balcony of his hotel room during their Australian tour in October.

Louis Tomlinson reported they were under siege from photographers, saying: “It’s a beautiful day and we can’t leave the hotel.”


Styles’s lawyer said his case concerned a series of UK-based paparazzi photographers – four of whom were in the process of being identified.

The injunction prevents an organisation identified as “Paparazzi AAA”, and other photographers, from pursuing the singer by car or motorcycle, placing him under surveillance, loitering or waiting within 50 metres of his home to monitor his movements, or taking photos of him in such circumstances.

Mrs Justice Nicola Davies, who first granted the injunction last week, extended the order until 13 January, when a further hearing will decide how the action should proceed.

Mr Styles, who appeared on last night’s X Factor final to perform his band’s new single, Midnight Memories, did not attend the brief hearing at London’s High Court.

This makes me SO happy, y’all! It’s about damn time! I wonder if this is for his Hampstead house we all know about, or his secret one with Louis.

Celebuzz Denies Gay Bar Story 0


The gist of this article is “Harry Styles is really really really really super duper pooper scoopernot gay!”






Amongst all the half-truths and outright lies written about celebrities online on any given day, there is one report out today that’s extra bullshitty, The cream of the crap, if you will. That report comes from Us Weekly, which claims that Harry Styles, physically one-fifth but personality-wise 100% of One Direction, took Kendall Jenner to Therapy, a gay bar in New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood.

The magazine writes:

The same day that the One Direction singer, 19, and model/reality star, 18, were spotting leaving the Ganservoort Hotel in the Meatpacking District together, the pair resurfaced at Therapy with a few other pals, and “didn’t make a huge deal about it,” the source tells Us. Saturday’s theme at Therapy was “Gays Gone Wild,” with other bargoers dancing up a storm to pop hits. Alas, Styles, Jenner et al, however, didn’t hit the dance floor, the source notes.Keep in mind that Styles was busy Saturday night, performing on Saturday Night Live.

The most obvious reason that this report is untrue is (BECAUSE MODEST PAID ME AND I NEED MONEY DESPERATELY) that there are no pictures. Anywhere. There’s nothing on Twitter. Nothing on the bar’s Facebook page. Styles and Jenner are both very recognizable public figures and, had they been at the bar, someone most definitely would have gotten a picture and shared it online. Especially at Therapy, whose young-skewing clientele is certainly familiar with at least one of the two.

I’m sorry, but when have ANY gossip sites EVER operated under “pics or it didn’t happen?” This whole article REEKS of management’s attempt to cover the story up.

Us‘ tipster goes even further, saying, “Harry has actually been her[e] a few times before.” And yet there has never been a photo of him at the bar.

Of course there wouldn’t be photos of him at a GAY BAR.

Celebuzz reached out to a representative for Therapy, who says there’s no truth to the story. “One manager working says he thinks it’s a hoax. The manager who was working that night says he doesn’t think they were here. Harry tends to stand out in a crowd and Kendall is strikingly gorgeous and he said he didn’t remember any girls like that.”

Are you kidding me, HollywoodLife? 0

So, I wasn’t going to do this, because I really should be studying for finals, but come on. Are you serious, HollywoodLife? Articles like this (and all the Harry loves vagina ones) make me embarrassed for the nice, sane people I know that work there.

Taylor Swift is furious over Harry Styles dates with Kendall Jenner. But before you accuse her of being a drama queen, let us remind you that the British boy-bander has been leading Taylor on for months! Read on for all our EXCLUSIVE details.

Are you kidding me? Leading her on? He left her ass alone on a boat!

After receiving lots of sexy text messages Taylor broke down and started talking to Harry again last month, so we’re not surprised that she was “Red” with rage when he flew into LA and focused all his attention on Kendall.

Our source tells us:

Taylor still has feelings for Harry and he’s been totally leading her on. She expected him to be chasing her down when he came to LA a few weeks ago and instead he went after Kendall Jenner, it was a huge blow for Taylor. She and Harry were talking before he came to LA, he didn’t make plans with her but he really made it seem like he was all about her so it really, really hurt her when he took Kendall out instead. That’s why she iced him at the AMAs. … Taylor doesn’t get why Harry would pick Kendall over her, especially because he’s always made fun of the Kardashians. Taylor’s not a mean girl but she can be catty at times and this drama with Harry is not bringing out the best in her.


Yikes! That doesn’t sound like the Taylor we know and love. Maybe it’s time to forget about Harry for good

Yes PLEASE shut up about Haylor!

It sure won’t be music to Taylor’s ears, but it seems Kendall and Harry are more than just a hook-up. After meeting up with Kendall’s father, Bruce Jenner, for a “morning chat,” on Nov. 25, Harry took Kendall out for a romantic lunch date at West Hollywood’s SoHo House.

Could Harry and Kendall make their relationship work? When Harry was asked if he was dating the model, he teased us by saying, “No.” But after a short pause he added, “I guess.”

It seems Harry has piqued Kendall’s interest as well!

“She really likes him,” a source close to Kendall told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “But their schedules rarely mesh, which is relationship poison.”

Good. KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!!!!!

December 7 2011, 2012, 2013 Harry has “stayed over” with a girl. OPEN YOUR EYES. 0


I’m fuming. I’m actually so, so, so mad right now and if ANY of you believe this it’s an insult to your intelligence and you should be really mad about it. They’re literally INSULTING people by thinking we won’t notice the EXACT same thing. And the sickest thing is people DO believe it. And that’s just stupid and pisses me off. IT’S NOT “TINHATTY” TO QUESTION WHY THE EXACT SAME THING HAPPENS ON THE SAME DATE EVERY YEAR.

Paul Walker’s Death Confirmed By Rep 0

I was waiting to post anything to see if it was a hoax started by TMZ. It’s not. 🙁

From their Facebook page:

It is with a truly heavy heart that we must confirm that Paul Walker passed away today in a tragic car accident while attending a charity event for his organization Reach Out Worldwide. He was a passenger in a friend’s car, in which both lost their lives. We appreciate your patience as we too are stunned and saddened beyond belief by this news. Thank you for keeping his family and friends in your prayers during this very difficult time. We will do our best to keep you apprised on where to send condolences. – #TeamPW


Print!Louis Can Take His “Fucking Annoyance” And Shove It Up His Ass 0



LARRY Stylinson is not amused.

Or at least half of Larry Stylinson – the fictional bromantic pair created by wildly imaginative One Direction fans who concocted a relationship between band mates Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.

There’s erotic fan fiction online, plus doctored photos and video evidence used to suggest Harry and Louis’ looking at each other or brushing each other’s leg is some kind of hidden code.

Backstage in Melbourne, Tomlinson and bandmate Zayn Malik are fresh from a quick holiday together to Hamilton Island to break up their lengthy Australian tour.

It was just the two of them – a knife in the imaginary heart of Larry Stylinson. Or perhaps the start of Layn Malikson?


They’re discussing some of the wild theories created by their fans – one documentary saw fans suggesting when the band go overseas they have to do something to fill up their time. And bandwidth.

“We’ve all dwelt on some conspiracy theory at some point,” Malik, 20, muses. “Thought something was real.”

“The psychology behind the theories are very interesting,” Tomlinson, 21, notes.


However mentioning the Larry Stylinson theories provokes that most rare of incidents – a boy band F Bomb.

“That’s a f—-ing annoyance,” Tomlinson says of the false rumours linking him to Styles.

Can he not appreciate the impressive amount of work that’s gone into it at least?

“I wouldn’t say it was impressive,” Tomlinson fumes. “I’d say it was f—ing annoying.”


RIP Larry Stylinson.



Sadly for this interview Styles, 19, is under the weather, so his thoughts on the matter remain unclear, however sources suggest he finds it more amusing than his band mate clearly does.

One Direction are a fascinating test case for the accessible new world of pop.

Social media was responsible for their success stretching beyond just the UK, where they were assembled on the X Factor in 2010.

However they’re now breaking ground for how Twitter can be used as a stalking tool by obsessed fans.

Payne admits their Australian tour this year saw them regularly stuck inside their hotels, with trying to sight-see on days off becoming a security hazard.

“I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way,” he says, “but being famous meant something different a few years back. With Twitter, if we go to the shops now, you have one picture and it gets Tweeted that’s you done for the day and you’re stuck with people following you around. We are normal lads, we do want our privacy sometimes, let off a bit of steam instead of being in the public eye constantly. Have the freedom to stand and pick your nose.”


Horan’s arrival in Melbourne to have a holiday with his cousins was busted by airline connected 1D fans on Twitter, with the hashtag #niallinmelbourne trending before he’d even left the airport.

“You just have to get out,” Horan, 20, says. “There’s no point living as a prisoner in your hotel. Even if they are nice hotels.”

The band’s work rate is impressive – in today’s short-attention span pop culture striking while the iron is white hot is crucial.

They recorded third album (in as many years) Midnight Memories while touring previous album Take Me Home.”It gives us something else to be proud of,” Payne says. “What most bands take a year to do (record an album) we managed to get done in a few weeks and to a good standard. It’s not like we rushed it, it just happened naturally. You work hard and you get the result. And we’ve got another tour next year, we didn’t have a choice, we had to get the record done. We don’t just want to go out and do the same tour again, we want some new tunes. To put on a stadium tour you need new songs to add to the songbook so this album had to get made.”

(emphasis mine)

Horan agrees. “The fans don’t want to be listening to the same tunes, we wanted to give them something to look forward to every year.”

The third album is a crucial one for pop bands – it’s usually the one where they try to have more creative control. Midnight Memories sees One Direction get more co-writing credits than ever before – Harry Styles co-wrote Something Great with Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol, while the rest of the band were teamed up separately or collectively with experienced hatmakers. They feel it’s more “live” and “rocky” than their first two, but without alienating fans.

“Midnight Memories, the song, is our statement piece, if you will,” Payne says. “The songs seemed to come out well. It didn’t even feel like we were doing work. A lot of people say the third album is the most difficult to make. We have to make a statement here, we can’t just rehash the same album, that’s not what we’re here for. We want to make some good music. We would like to gain some new fans this year maybe if they like our new tunes.”

The band’s This Is Us documentary captures the punishing schedule – one scene shows Malik being woken up on a tour bus to record vocals for the single Best Song Ever.Opinion on this as a recording method is divided in 1D. Tomlinson enjoyed it. “Recording on the road was a good way of doing it, after you come off stage you’re buzzing, you’re in a good vocal state.”

For Horan – not so much. “The vocals were taking a hit,” He says. “You’d do a show then go in the studio.”

Tomlinson said the band enjoyed watching their film as a sign of not just their success but their personal growth.

You watch some of our early interviews on the X Factor and we all sound like we’re talking out of a script,” he says. “Whereas it just seems natural to talk on camera now. It was nice to watch the individual interviews from our perspective and see what Niall was thinking and how genuine it is. It’s quite powerful.”


“It’s great for us as a band and as friends that we’ve got that for our own personal use,” Malik adds. “It’s a chapter of our lives that has been documented and we get to see what was happening, what our thoughts were at that time. It’s going to be cool to have that when we’re older.”

The band are acutely aware that outside of their loyal fanbase, cynical observers are wondering who’ll be the first to jump ship.

“Everyone wants to talk about the negative things, man, we’re living a great life,” Tomlinson says. “It’s all good.”

There is now a boy band precedent set by Take That and Backstreet Boys – even if things go horribly, horribly wrong and members leave you can reform down the track and do it all over again.

“Hopefully people are still interested in us that we can do that,” a humble Horan says. “I don’t think it’s a given. Take That could do it because they’re just class, people couldn’t wait for them to come back.”

Payne, 20, agrees. “Those old ’90s songs by Take That are classics, I can’t really see our songs as classics, yet, it’s all so new.”

However Horan kind of likes the idea of a vintage One Direction down the track. “Hopefully it will happen,” he says. “Imagine us coming out on stage at 50 years of age, kids and everything coming out on tour. But for right now there’s no point splitting up if you’re having a good time.”


They’ve also learnt from the various examples that have gone before them – with pop mastermind Simon Cowell unlikely to let his cash cow (20 million albums so far) go out to pasture just yet.


“There’s no real handbook for this,” Payne admits. “What happened to us is a first, with Twitter, it’s a very different environment to what a lot of bands had to put up with in the past. We just take every day as it comes. The main thing is we literally do what we want. It’s not like we’ll change or do anything different because we’re in this position now. We’re still the same lads who got on that X Factor stage three years ago – just with more facial hair now. And some tattoos.”


Dramatic Reenacting Of A Youtube-Comment-Fight Between A Larry Girl And A Het Girl 0

They’re both idiots and they make the whole fandom look horrible. They’re idiots, not because of what they believe, obviously, but because neither of them knows how to bring any PROOF to the table of their points either way. If you’re going to argue something you damn sure better have points/facts to back it up. This would’ve been a really nice way to educate people that he IS gay/not straight, but instead they’re both just a laughing stock and it makes me really, really mad and sad.

“Just because you can’t accept that he’ll never want you because you’ve got no dick.” That the best fucking line of anything I’ve ever heard, especially read in his voice. I am forever changed.

RIP James Arthur’s Career 2012-2013 0

After last week’s bullshit Twitter debacle where he hit back at Louis Tomlinson, boybands in general (and made Josh from Union J cry), the music industry, and got into a really immature, petty, stupid, and downright laughable Twitter war with some British rapper, James Arthur was taken off his Twitter account by his management team, who would then be tweeting everything for him. That didn’t stop James from being a massive dickhole to Lucy Spraggan, his former fellow X Factor UK contestant from last year, through iMessage though (and the genius lady screenshot and posted them on Twitter so the rest of the world could see how gross he is):



Nothing has been more exciting than watching James Arthur ruin his career one stupid comment one after another. People that awful deserve to fall and fall hard, so bring it on, world!

Entertainmentwise Says Harry Wrote Something Great About Taylor 0


Taylor Swift loves to write songs about her exes, but it seems like her former lover Harry Styles may have done exactly the same thing and written a lovey dovey track on One Direction’s latest album Midnight Memories about the Love Story singer, titled ‘Something Great.’

It is unclear as to whether or not Harry did aim the track at Taylor, but he did co-write the ballad with Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody, who the country singer also recently worked with.

The ‘Something Great’ lyrics include: “I want you here with me Like how I pictured it So I don’t have to keep imagining”

“Come on, jump out at me Come on, bring everything Is it too much to ask for something great?”

And: “You’re all I want So much it’s hurting You’re all I want So much it’s hurting.”

Meanwhile, Taylor has spoken out about her own “raw” lyrics, saying that although she does tend to diss ex BFs in her tracks, it’s alright because “things are not ok all of the time.”

She spoke out to New York magazine to say that she hopes that her emotions come across in her music.

“Hopefully that’s the case, if I can remain a real human,” she explains. “I’m fine with being honest with my fans about the fact that it’s okay that everything isn’t okay all the time.

“I love my life, I love my career, I love my friends—but things are not okay all the time. So I don’t sing about things being okay all the time.”

The singer says her lyrics have given the press a convenient angle on which to base stories about her, but she shrugs it off dismissively.

“There’s a spin on every single celebrity out there,” she admits. “I know that one of my spins is: ‘Oh, Taylor’s heartbroken. Oh, Taylor fell in love and the guy broke her heart. She’s sad all the time, and lonely.’

“I mean, they can say all they want. Those are real feelings that every single person goes through. I think it’s okay to be mad at someone who hurt you.

“This isn’t about, like, the pageantry of trying to seem like nothing affects you. I’m a songwriter. Everything affects me.”

LOL no he wrote it about Louis, shut up, Entertainmentwise.

Taylor Says Her Exes THANKED Her For Red. What? The? Fuck? 0


Taylor Swift’s fans love the songs about One Direction’s Harry Styles on her current ‘Red’ album but does he feel the same way?

In a new interview with New York magazine, Taylor revealed that she got feedback from her ex-boyfriends who inspired most of her new, hit album.

“I heard from the guy that most of Red is about,” Taylor told the magazine.

“He was like, ‘I just listened to the album, and that was a really bittersweet experience for me. It was like going through a photo album.’ That was nice. It’s a lot more mature way of looking at a love that was wonderful until it was terrible, and both people got hurt from it-but one of those people happened to be a songwriter.”

“Nicer than, like, the ranting, crazy e-mails I got from this one dude,” she added.

As we all know, Tay’s hit song “I Knew You Were Trouble” is totally about the whirlwind of a relationship 1D’s Harry put her through last year. Remember when Taylor publicly thanked him for inspiring the song at the VMA awards? We’re pretty sure he’s the crazy, emailing guy while actor Jake Gyllenhaal is the other ex she talked to.

Even if there’s a slight chance that Harry is the ex that complimented Taylor’s album, she’s not completely done dissing him! She recently opened the Victoria’s Secret fashion show wearing a Union Jack dress and flirting with his other model ex-girlfriend.

Do you think Harry is the ex who said ‘Red’ was a bittersweet experience or was he the serial emailer? Chime in!


Is this woman on drugs? NONE of Red was about Harry and everyone KNOWS that! ESPECIALLY not stupid fucking I Knew You Were Trouble! And no, I’m quite certain Harry never called to thank her for ruining his life, OR emailed her to rant. Come on, people.

Everyone And Their Mom Suddenly Thinks Taylor Wrote Red About Harry Despite Them Not Even Dating Back Then . . . Okay, y’all. 0


Taylor admits that she’ll only write songs about guys that make a big impression on her life, good or bad. She goes on to reveal in ‘New York’ magazine why she wanted to tell the world about Harry breaking her heart.

Taylor Swift is known for writing songs about her exes, and now she’s revealing why Harry Styles made the cut on her Red album. The 23-year-old singer says that she doesn’t feel sorry for putting these guys on blast because she wants to remain ‘honest’ with her fans about what’s going on in her life.

Taylor Swift Reveals Why She Wrote Music About Harry Styles

The Grammy Award-wining singer tells New York magazine that she won’t just write about any guy she goes on a date with.

“I only write songs about crazy love,” she says. “If I go on two dates with a guy and we don’t click, I’m not writing a song about that. It didn’t matter in the emotional grand scheme of things. There’s a lot that goes on in daily life that isn’t really worth turning into a verse and a chorus.”

But the reason why she’s willing to write songs allegedly about exes like: John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Jonas and Harry is because she wants her fans to know that her life isn’t perfect.

“I think that allowing yourself to feel raw, real emotions in public is something I am never going to be afraid to do,” she says. “Hopefully that’s the case, if I can remain a real human. I’m fine with being honest with my fans about the fact that it’s okay that everything isn’t okay all the time. I love my life, I love my career, I love my friends—but things are not okay all the time. So I don’t sing about things being okay all the time.”


None of Red was about Harry. Red came out months before they even started dating. Shut the fuck up, HollywoodLife.


http://images.nationalgeographic.com/wpf/media-live/photos/000/594/cache/best-astro-photographs-space-pictures-2012-ngc-6960_59489_600x450.jpg (actual photo from NatGeo, y’all!)

Hey guys, please help L.Z. Catalina pick the band name for her untitled NaNoWriMo novel! Pretty please? ((and follow her on Twitter to track her NaNoWriMo journey or add her as a buddy on her NaNo page if you do it too!)


nopeoctopus Management kingsleysaysstfu bull2


The One Direction hunk is unhappy about spending months away from his loved ones while on tour so he goes to desperate lengths to arrange to be with people.

A source told Heat magazine: “He suffers from terrible homesickness and exhaustion towards the end of a tour.

“He often wakes his personal trainer, Mark, in the middle of the night because he’s so lonely that he’d prefer them to work out together than be on his own.”

Harry favors being away from bandmates Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne when the group have some downtime, so he is paying to fly his father Des and sister Gemma out to join him in Australia so he has more company on the road.

The source explained: “He wants people to chill with away from the band.”

It was previously claimed Harry stays with pal Nick Grimshaw when he’s in London because he hates being alone in his own house.

A source said: “Harry may have splashed the cash on his house, but if no one’s sleeping over he hates staying there. It’s depressing for him having the whole place to himself. He’s used to having his bandmates around because they’re normally flying all over the world, staying in hotels.

“So when he has free time in London, he now heads over to Nick’s place.”

(emphasis mine)

LOL what? So, he hates being near his bandmates? ESPECIALLY LOUIS WHO HAS A GIRLFRIEND WITH LADY PARTS. But he can’t be alone in his house because it’s too depressing and he misses his bandmates? So he goes to Nick’s? This is literally the DUMBEST shit, y’all, and I feel dumber thinking of all the people who actually THINK this makes sense.

whatthefuckareyoudoing sickofthisshit ohnoyoudidnt unsureofwhatyoutriedtoaccomplish

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Hmmmmm….. 0

This article was written by Sunday World back in August. I actually remember seeing this story in the media when it happened but I ignored it because everyone involved is irrelevant to my life. Props to Massukka for finding it again now. It, at least, happened way more recently than Cardiff. I think. My math might be waaay off there, I’ve only gotten 4 hours of sleep. Someone correct me if I’m stupidly wrong.

‘The Canyons’ star finished her 90-day court ordered rehab stint on July 30, and just days later stayed up with the boy band in Los Angeles. 

A source told the New York Post newspaper: “The party went on all night long and was so loud that guests were complaining. Lindsay was there with [the band’s] Max George. The Wanted have been staying at the Mondrian [hotel] for days, and Lindsay, who briefly dated Max a while back, was partying with the band.

“There were so many complaints about the noise that hotel staff had to shut the party down and Lindsay had to be taken out of there by security at 7am. She was with her sister.”

A representative for the actress confirmed she visited Max, but it is thought she remained sober, as she has been since leaving rehab.

Lindsay has now moved to New York City, and has been following advice given to her by talk show host Oprah Winfrey, who believes she’s finally beaten her demons.

Oprah said: “I thought that she’s in the best place that I’ve ever seen her. I believe that she believes that she is now ready. And she admitted that there were other times when she was pretending to be ready and not quite sure. And sometimes resentful that she was being, you know, put in a position where she had to go to rehab. I think this is the first time I could see it really benefited her.”

No mention of coke though. Or crying. Or really anything that sounds at all like the blind and I’m still 100% that the blind is written to be 1D, like, straight up off that girl’s freaking Tumblr, y’all. But, this is very interesting. And I guess America could possible count as “foreign” since TW is British. But I don’t know. All I know is that there was NO reason for THREE parts to a story that only added a few lines (ha! lines…) here and there but for hits. Lord knows I refreshed it probably 2-300 times waiting to see what he’d say. Makes me want to vomit the amount of money I made Ace. Yuck.
“And yet… and yet… I wonder…” – 101 Dalmations

Nina Dobrev and Derek Hough Are Dunzo! 0

Excuse the cringey title, it’s a throwback to Laguna Beach (since Lauren Conrad also bearded for dated Derek Hough).

I figured we could use some good news after how horrible the last week has been for the Larry fandom. I have a feeling this will only matter to me and about 5% of the TVD fandom, but I’m too happy to not share it with you guys too. 🙂

US Weekly claims they have the “exclusive” on “what went wrong” in Nina Dobrev and Derek Hough’s six-week “relationship”. Um, probably that the dude’s gay. Just sayin’.

Derek Hough‘s dance card is once again open. A little less than two weeks after their first public date, the Dancing With the Stars pro and girlfriend Nina Dobrev have split, sources reveal in the new issue of Us Weekly.

The couple of six weeks — who hit up Universal Studios’ Hollywood Halloween Horror Nights in L.A. on Oct. 5 — decided recently that the relationship had “played itself out,” one insider tells Us. Geography was a factor, too: Hough, 28, is filming DWTS in L.A., while Dobrev, 24, is shooting The Vampire Diaries in Atlanta, Ga.

“The distance was too much to handle,” a pal says of the pair.

Us Weekly first exclusively revealed that the two were dating in late September. “[Nina] was hanging a lot with Derek’s sister Julianne,” a source told Us at the time. “Then she fell for him.”

And he for her. “Derek is smitten with Nina,” the insider added. “He said he hasn’t felt this way for a girl in a long time…Everyone approves!”

Alas, the relationship seems to have run its course. But Dobrev’s friendship with Julianne is still intact. “Julianne understands — there are no hard feelings,” another source tells Us of the Safe Haven star and the CW actress, who split from costar Ian Somerhalder in May after three years of dating.

Over a year ago, Blind Gossip posted several articles that strongly hinted Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough’s entire relationship was really a cover for Ryan and Derek Hough, and when Derek and Ryan split, Julianne and Ryan’s “relationship” ended. I believe it so I wasn’t worried with this whole Nina and Derek thing, it’s just super really annoying to see and I personally don’t like how Nina’s been acting the last few months, but whatever, it’s not my life.

Bottom line, when you witness the miracle of life together, and your families miss each other, and your mom has a picture of your ex-boyfriend’s CAT taken a MONTH after you broke up, and the whole universe desperately needs you to get your shit together and be in love again, a sparkly ballroom dancer means nothing. Ahem. Sorry, I’m projecting.


(The first ever picture we got of them kissing at Ian’s ISF Halloween party/event. He was Captain America and she was Hermione, complete with little cardboard cutouts of Harry and Ron attached to her. It was in the very background corner of the original pic the head of Ian’s ISF posted. Talk about needing to scan pictures closer. This is why it isn’t safe for Larry to be out drunk together.)


Ah, their Santa Monica ferris wheel first day of summer date. They totally reenacted that Ryan/Marissa scene and made out on the ferris wheel, I feel it in my soul.

Ian Somerhalder & Nina Dobrev: Coachella PDA!


(The night those Coachella pics came out I called my roommate bawling from happiness.)

I mean, y’all, Ian and Nina secretly dated for THREE. FREAKING. YEARS. and even AFTER we caught them kissing SEVERAL TIMES they refused to admit it.

(((You think the Larry fandom over-analyzes everything they do? You should see the time we figured out the pants Nina was wearing one day in LA were the same pants in the background of a pic Ian posted of his bedroom floor a few days/weeks before. I mean, the Larry fandom has nothing on the Nian fandom, y’all.)))

So what the hell makes you think Nina being SO public about Derek makes any sense? It just doesn’t. Even if I didn’t believe Derek was gay there is no way I would believe this romance was real. Please. It’s all awfully convenient for Dancing With The Stars and TVD, isn’t it? Ugh. I’m so over bearding.

FAMOUS MAGAZINE: “Harry & Louis Affair Claim: The Pics That Sparked The Reports” 1


GUYS. GUYS. I’m freaking out. LOOK!

An Aussie magazine called FAMOUS just published this. It looks to be like a gossip rag but STILL. All the info they’re saying about Larry IS valid.

The thing that makes me mad about “the pictures that sparked the reports” is that it WASN’T pictures that lead us to believe they’re together and ESPECIALLY not fandom-made Photoshopped pictures that are obviously fake! It’s the way they act, the way Management and HJPR and EVERY SINGLE PERSON around them acts about it. Not Photoshopped pictures.

Those are all DEFINITELY Photoshopped pictures! And I’m pretty sure the one they’re pointing to is actually that SIMS rendering, right? Help. This is NOT good! While the article is all positive (except for a mention of the bullshit tweet) it doesn’t seem to admit the fact that those pictures are Photoshopped. Now someone can go along and easily say, “Oh, these were all Photoshopped, Larry believers are crazy, never mind, we were wrong.” I can’t help but be worried that this will cause problems for Harry and Louis. Of course I’d LOVE if more people got their heads out of their asses and saw the truth, but this just seems… Idk. I’m stressed out now.

(Photo credit)




Like, if it was ACTUAL pictures, like:

TOUCHING kisspers  alwayshugs andidmarryyouharry arms couplesphotos  LarryGhana LarryGhanaDie larryheart LarryParis louandhaz mouthkisspering myboyfriendharry

I’d be okay with it. But these are all Photoshopped pictures! So it’s kind of like, fake, in a way? I mean, not fake because we all know it’s real, obviously, but they’re like “Ohhhh look at these pictures! Look, they’ve been caught!” and they aren’t even real pictures. I don’t know, this just freaks me out and makes me scared that we’re going to get some huge crackdown now and we only just got over the shitstorm of several weeks ago.

I do love that they quoted the “My first crush was Louis Tomlinson” and “Thank you, Styles, for making me egg on toast every day, Boo, London” things though. That makes me wonder if the person who wrote this article was a Larry believer or just did heavy, heavy research because most non-Larry believers don’t really know/care about the egg on toast thing. Hmmm….

Also, it’s cute that they posted all the old quotes from them, it makes me all nostalgic, but that’s not really Harry and Louis “speaking out” in a way, those are just old quotes from when they were allowed to say how much they loved each other. Does that make sense or only in my head? I’m running off four hours of sleep so it’s entirely possible none of this makes any sense. Or even that it’s in English. I don’t know.

Oh Hey Guess What? Louis Is Leaving 1D For Eleanor, Even Though It’s Been Over A Year And He Still Can’t Hold Her Hand 0

Unreality TV’s Lisa McG has been hard at work trying to remind everyone how in love and devoted to each other Louis and Eleanor are. It’s almost as if she knows they’ll be over soon. Or maybe not. She’d probably fling herself into the sun when the announcement breaks. I just decided that all over “post-breakup” articles will be the funniest thing to ever happen anywhere and I can’t wait to see them.

Today, Lisa writes a most hilarious article. Apparently, Louis is planning to leave One Direction for Eleanor, even though he still cannot hold the hand of the girl he’s planning to propose to. Yes, that makes a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

One Direction are riding high in their music careers right, selling out stadium tours, topping charts around the world and even hitting it big in the box office with their own movie but it’s been claimed that one member of the band is getting tired of all the trappings of fame.

The band have a hectic work schedule and in between touring the world, recording an album on the road, constantly promoting the next big venture, there isn’t much time for a normal life or for friends and family, so we’d understand if Louis Tomlinson was feeling a bit worn out.

I think, at this point, it’s obvious they’re ALL feeling worn out and tired. Modest hasn’t given them a decent break in ages, maybe ever, fans are climbing in their windows, snatchin’ up their underwear… they’re definitively in need of a break.

A source has claimed that he’s not just feeling tired though, they say he’s considering leaving the band and he’s already thinking about what comes next for himself and also for his girlfriend Eleanor Calder.

It was reported recently that the handsome singer is planning to follow in Zayn Malik’s footsteps and pop the question to his girlfriend of two years and as the oldest member of 1D, sources claim he’s ready to put it behind him and move on to the next phase of his life.

“He’s desperate for a more normal life where he can just take his girlfriend out without worrying some nutter is going to claw her eyes out,” an insider told Mstarz.com.

“He can see a life after One Direction and that’s increasingly appealing to him,” the source continued.

See, okay. -takes a deep breath- I hate this shit. I get it, because they’ve been sooo overworked and the fan entitlement is legitimately insane, but these articles seriously make them sound so ungrateful and just rude, you know? Or maybe that’s just me. While all of their feelings may be true (except for the Eleanor bit, lol), it just doesn’t sound good and I’m surprised HJPR is even running this crock because, if I was a Directioner, this would piss me off and make me want to say “f you” to the band and burn all their stuff. Okay, so I’m a little dramatic, but you know what I mean? It just wouldn’t make me feel good as a fan to hear that. And yes, before anyone gets the wrong idea that I’m somehow not a 1D fan, obviously I am, but I’m a fake fan, thank you very much. If I have to be saddled with that stupid title I might as well own it. And, after the events of yesterday, I’m really just quite fine with not ever in any way, shape, or form being considered a Directioner. Yuck. Vile people.

The source also suggested that Louis is considering a solo career after 1D and that his future plans heavily influenced his choice to be more and more involved with the song writing on the new One Direction album ‘Midnight Memories.’

Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson contributed to the new tracks more than any of their bandmates it’s been claimed and the insider claimed that Tommo was driven by his need for credibility after 1D.

I’m sorry, but need for credibility? Maybe they should’ve thought about that before putting Eleanor into every single article ever written, even ones that didn’t involve Louis. And maybe they should’ve had him, or all the boys really, going out and networking like Harry’s been doing (whether of his own volition or forced). I’m not saying any of that is Louis’ fault, of course, but I just don’t get why steps haven’t been being taken (wow, the grammar of that sentence sucks, I’m sorry fellow English majors) this entire time to ensure he would have a future outside of 1D, like Harry’s been doing (again, whether of his own volition or not).

However, fans shouldn’t start getting hysterical just yet, as it was reported last week that the boys all signed a new deal with Simon Cowell which sees them tied to One Direction for another three years. Louis, Liam, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik are said to be committed to another tour, three more albums and possibly another movie before 1D can be disbanded.

We think Louis will be ok once this touring madness ends for a while.

I think so too, Lisa McG, especially once he gets rid of his toxic beard and people like you.

Who wants to bet Lisa McG will drink herself to death (but not really) when the pretty brunette super student and her of-lesser-importance international popstar boyfriend “break up” soon?

Liam Tried To Save Andy With His Bare Hands 0


Y’all, I’m so, so, so glad Andy is healing so well and seems to be recovering quickly. With the pictures the Mirror posted I’m surprised he looks so good given the trauma he went through. Thank God for fast-acting friends! “Why a fireman?” Harry asked. “I just like the idea of saving people,” Liam said, in THIS IS US, and then he went on to save Andy’s life from a fire. It makes me cry, y’all.

Liam Payne’s best friend has told how the One Direction star tried to stop a raging fire with his bare hands during a freak accident in his flat.

In his first full interview since last month’s horrific fire, Andy Samuels said he is convinced the singer’s quick-thinking saved his life.

Andy, 21, was rushed to hospital after his whole body caught alight as he tried to fill a patio heater with gas.

He spent a fortnight in hospital ­undergoing SEVEN skin grafts as they treated him for third-degree burns.

Revealing his horrific scars for the first time, Andy said: “I can still see Liam trying to put out the flames with his hands.

“I was set completely on fire – terror is the only word fit to describe what I was feeling.

“The pain and the panic I felt is ­something no one should have to go through.

“I was the one that was injured, but it was a crazy, horrible experience for Liam to witness as well.”

 Andy said his body burned for what seemed like an eternity after the heater exploded in his face on the balcony of Liam’s flat.

Andy revealed: “He was trying to help me but I thought I was going to die.

“I was running around trying to get enough water. I tore one of his taps off the wall in such a blind panic and eventually threw myself in his shower.

“I looked at my arm at one point and my skin was destroyed and hanging off, it was like a cheese string.

“I don’t remember much except thinking my life was over. It would have broken me to see my best friend like that.”

The fire erupted at Liam’s flat in East London as he was marking his 20th birthday with friends.

It destroyed most of the balcony and it took 35 ­firefighters to put it out. They had to use breathing equipment to battle through the thick smoke.

Liam’s new girlfriend Sophia Smith, 20, was also there and saw her boyfriend’s heroics.

That’s not even CLOSE to being relevant, HJ.

Andy says: “The best thing Liam and Sophia did that night for me was just reassure me and try to keep me calm until the ambulance arrived.

“I was in such a panic. I was also worried I’d burned the building down and they kept talking to me to keep me conscious.”

Andy, from Liam’s home town of Wolverhampton, was rushed to Royal London Hospital with 20 per cent burns all over his body and doctors spent an entire day operating on him, his worried family unsure if he was going to survive.

He said: “I had seven skin grafts where I had third-degree burns and no skin left.

“They took skin from my thigh so I have three grafts on my left arm, three on my chest and one on my right ankle.

“My week in the intensive care unit is a blur. I looked so bad my family didn’t think I’d ever look like me again.”

Liam was a constant ­presence at Andy’s bedside after his transferral by helicopter to Broomfield Hospital in Essex.

T-shirt entrepreneur and part-time model Andy said: “My mum and my ­girlfriend were by my side 24/7 – they’ve been incredible.

“The support of Liam and my other best friend Jordan has been amazing as well.

“I was pretty out of it on pain medication but I remember coming to one day and just blurting out, ‘I need a McDonald’s!’

“Next thing I know Liam had got his security to rush one to my bedside.

“If I was conscious he would just chat with me and try to keep my spirits up.”

Just two weeks after the ­accident he was allowed to go home to Wolverhampton and one month on the superficial scarring on his face has almost healed.

Within two years the second-degree burns on his body should have completely disappeared.

Despite his upbeat ­attitude, Andy described the psychological after effects of the blaze as “life changing”.

He said: “I’m incredibly lucky, this could have been so much worse but the ­psychological effects outweigh the physical effects.

“There is medicine for my pain, and my scars will heal but mentally I’m never going to forget what happened.

“I still have dreams and think about it, it still scares me so bad.”

He has been offered support from acid attack victim and charity campaigner Katie Piper.

He said: “Katie can relate to what I’m going through and she was telling me how she dealt with things that she went through. I really respect her.

“With her charity The Katie Piper Foundation I feel like they are doing incredible things.

“I would never want anyone to go through what I went through. The support they give is so important.”

Liam tweeted his 14million followers about Andy’s recovery, hailing him “the invincible man”.


Andy said: “Having your best friend there for you like Liam has made this so much easier.

“His support has been incredible and we’re in contact pretty much constantly every day, even though he’s in Australia at the moment.

“We talk about everything but I’ll update him about my recovery every now and then.

“I’ve had some really low moments, lying in hospital, too scared to even look at myself in the mirror to see the damage but Liam and my family and girlfriend were there to talk me round.

“I couldn’t have done it without them and the ­incredible nurses at B­roomfield Hospital’s ­Intensive Care Unit and Burns Unit.

“I think Liam was affected by what he witnessed but he didn’t talk about that, just about how he knew I would be all right.

“And he was right – four weeks later and I’m still breathing and I’m doing normal things like going ­shopping with my nan.”

To donate to the Katie Piper Foundation visit katiepiperfoundation.org.uk            

Heat World Says Fans (But Mostly Those Damn Larry Shippers!) Are Destroying The Band 0

First of all, this definitely doesn’t paint the boys or the fans in a good light. As justified as their reactions may be (and for the most part I personally believe they are), it makes them look whiny and ungrateful. Definitely not Modest’s most well-thought out article and that’s saying a lot because I doubt anyone in that company even has a brain.

Funny how it’s the same old “Larry shippers are ruining everything!!!” bullshit again. How about Narry and Zarry (the death threats I get the most are from those shippers!) or Ziam or Ziall or Nouis or Zouis or Lilo or Niam? Why are those never talked about? Because I fucking guarantee you every single one of those shippers are just as hardcore and “fanatical” about is as Larry shippers are. Why are they never talked about and dissected and bashed in hundreds of thousands of interviews over the last three years? OH YEAH, BECAUSE IT ISN’T FUCKING REAL! (with the exception of Ziam, of course)

Ugh. The most disgusting part of that article is the fan art they used WITHOUT ASKING. It’s INCREDIBLE, beautiful art but nooooo they’re using it to shame, mock, and humiliate us AND the wonderful people who sent their time drawing or painting it. ((all while conveniently ignoring the “graphic, disgusting” art every other 1D ship has on the internet))
Also ALSO FUCKING ALSO I loooooooooooooooooooove how Louis went from saying that fake quote in an interview with MTV/Storyboard to now apparently “blogging” it. Please, Heat World, show me where the fuck Louis EVER “blogged” that quote? It’s so absolutely pathetic that their only reason for saying that was to make it sound more “official” or “serious” yet it was a fake quote anyway and MTV even admitted that!
LOL I love how a “fifteen year old superfan” is the go-to authority on whether the fans are destroying the band. Is Heat World KIDDING ME with this bullshit? Like, for real?
KISS kisspers signal
Yeah, because we’ve TOTALLY Photoshopped all of Louis’ platonic boners over his dude bro pal Harry.
Embedded image permalinkEmbedded image permalink
Embedded image permalink
Oops, my mistake, only platonic dude bro pals get boners from each other shirtless and whispering.
And to top it all off we have the lovely Calvin summing up everyone’s thoughts from that day:

Various Posts About Harry And Paige That Explain Why This Is All Happening Right Now 0

This entire thing is bullshit. None of it is a coincidence. It is straight up NAIVE to think this wasn’t methodically planned out for today. We were all wondering where the random-ass bat shit freak out from the Tomlinson’s/Stan/Eleanor came from and now we know. Here are a bunch of good posts to look at. There’s no point in me really saying anything because everyone else has said what I think anyway in way more eloquent words.

Dani Says Paige Is NOT A Coincidence

A really good masterpost on Paige since I know jackshit about her

SSLarrySettingSail AMAZING Post about WHY (possibly) this is all going down right now and I completely agree












And in the midst of this we have Harry’s tweet that whipped the fandom into an absolute batshit freak out about Harry and Louis getting married today (fyi it’s illegal in Australia according to my Twitter friends so, no):

And Mark Jarvis’ brilliant reply to today (or at least I think s0)

And Cal (MY opinion) reassuring Anne for the coming shit storm he (most likely) was a part of

I’m NOT looking forward to covering the media’s bullshit today, y’all. Like, this whole thing has made my anxiety skyrocket and it’s only going to get worse. -pastes on a smile- It’s okay though, I do it for y’all and I need to start writing daily articles again, I’m just bogged down with school right now (and tbh sometimes I just need a break from the media’s shit).

Lou Teasdale Joins The “Many Women Of Vagina-Loving Harry Styles” . . . Even If She’s Engaged With A Baby AND HIS HAIR STYLIST! 0


She’s ENGAGED. She has a BABY. That Harry LOVES. She’s his HAIR STYLIST.

Are you fucking kidding me? That’s all I have to say to that. Are you fucking kidding me?

JFC they are SO DESPERATE for him to be straight they’re hooking him up with everyone now, aren’t they?


If the Tomlinsons have THAT much of an issue with spam/hate/gay being shoved their way – GET OFF TWITTER! HOWEVER, that DOES NOT give ANYONE the right to send the family Larry spam/hate/porn. That is WRONG and you should KNOW that and it really, really disgusts me that you don’t.

The really shit thing is, Lottie and Fizzy’s apologies don’t mean shit because they WILL and DO continue to send hate and cruel things to people who believe in Larry so excuse me if I don’t all of a sudden “respect” them. “Don’t send hate and death threats”, you say? WELL, GEE, THANKS, I DIDN’T KNOW THAT BEFORE BUT I DO NOW! Shut up.

And then, because of fucking course he did, STAN had to go stick his nose in it and call us “#notarealfan” again. Do me a favor, Stan? SHUT UP.

So excited to wake up to an absolute shit storm of hate and death threats tomorrow! 🙂 Thanks Stan and Eleanor and Fizzy and Lottie for telling me, for the 4th time this week, what a vile fake fan lost cause deluded freak I am! 🙂 🙂 Your daily shit flips absolutely convince me Larry isn’t real because OF COURSE it’s logical to keep bringing attention to a “fantasy that’s all in my head and will never be real”! Gotta keep your “denial” quota filled up! 🙂 🙂 🙂

The only good thing about this random barrage of hate is it’s SO obviously laying the groundwork for Louis and Eleanor to end it and blame “stress of the tour, never getting to see each other, and, of course those vile Larry believers” But, man, I’ll fuckin take it if it means never having to see Louis miserable with the beard again!

The perfect tweet to sum this whole thing up? https://twitter.com/floralharry/status/384175190575706112


Why #BraveryDay Means So Much To Me Personally And Why I Came Up With It 0

#BraveryDay 2012

It was, as cliché as this is, a day that started out innocently, but one I should’ve seen coming from a mile away. I can’t exactly remember now, but I’m pretty sure we’d had days and days of Larry trending worldwide and Management probably, definitely, absolutely panicked and hit a brick wall. I definitely should’ve seen it coming. We all should have.

Erin picked me up from our grandparents’ house. We made secret plans to get Whataburger as soon as we left the watchful eye of my mother and her “diet plan”. Then it started raining. There was construction. We got lost. Erin got stressed out, and scared, and panicky. (she was driving) I decided to put on Radio One on with my app since Erin’s car doesn’t have a radio. As fate would have it, “Read All About It” came on. I immediately freaked out. Erin was clueless. I started to explain it all to her, how Harry had played this song during a radio takeover, how it fit Larry so perfectly it physically hurt, how Emeli had sang this during the Olympics and I was sure Larry shared a moment.

I was in the middle of breaking down each lyric and explaining why this meant so much to Larry and to us as believers, when my phone buzzed. The rain and thunder went nuts. I looked at the first tweet.

“Oh my God. Erin something’s happening. What’s going on?”

“Oh my God. Erin, what the fuck is going on?”

“Oh shit. Oh dear. Oh no.”

12:09 PM
The day my world just stopped.

I saw that and immediately burst into tears.

“He wouldn’t do this. He wouldn’t do this. Erin, he wouldn’t fucking do this. He wouldn’t call his own relationship bullshit. He fucking wouldn’t. He wouldn’t. What are they doing? What is Management doing? Erin, why are they doing this? Erin, why? Why? Oh my god, why is this happening?”

I couldn’t stop saying it. She knew it wasn’t Louis. I knew it wasn’t Louis. Everyone knew it wasn’t Louis. Except for all the people who thought it was.

I immediately tweeted “Louis” telling Management that Skyler had just been hospitalized for attempting suicide, but she’d gotten help because she didn’t want to let Louis down and HOW DARE THEY do this to a little 14 year old girl who got THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of hate messages and death threats for DAYS afterwards. All because they’re a company of cowards.

I bawled the rest of the way to San Marcos. I couldn’t stop. We’d gotten food at Whataburger, but I couldn’t eat or drink, or function other than to watch as Louis, actual Louis, tried to take over his account and right the wrongs Management had committed.

We got back to our dorm, soaked from the rain. Some girl I’d fought with a solid, literal month before got me suspended then. Right in the thick of things. Right when I was needed. Right when all the younger girls whose faith in Larry wasn’t as strong as mine, were deactivating right and left, harming themselves, jumping ship, losing faith in Louis, insulting him, vilifying him—it was horrible and I could do nothing to help. I was cut off from all the suffering around me. Cut off from the people, I feel like, needed me the most at the time they needed me the most. I felt empty and sad and full of absolute, blinding rage and utter helplessness. I’ve never felt so helpless in all my life.

I put my food in the fridge and curled up in the covers and just cried. Every so often, with every new tweet that came in, I’d yell for Erin (she was on the other side of the wall in her own dorm room), and she’d come in, listen to what Louis did, and duck out to let me cry. At one point I’m pretty sure I crawled in her bed to cuddle and ended up crying myself to sleep. I can’t even remember a day before or since that I’ve cried so much.

It was so awful and exhausting but I just couldn’t stop. I felt pain everywhere. Pain for Louis, for Harry, for everyone affected by this, for all the lives we’d lost before and since. For Skyler, for Sam, for everyone else who was tweeted that day that I can’t remember because it’s 1AM and I’m crying too hard.

It was just a horrible, horrible day for all of us and the media circus every single day since has been horrific and painful and if I didn’t believe in them more than I believe in anything else in my entire life (except God) I would’ve given up by now because honestly sometimes I wonder if it’s even worth it. But then I think of Harry and Louis’ tattoos and the fact that they’re actually planning to spend the rest of their lives together and nothing can break that. Nothing. Because they’re both braver than I’ll ever be.

And that’s why the concept of the #BraveryDay trend means so much to me. Because if it wasn’t for us being brave we wouldn’t be here. If it wasn’t for Louis and Harry being brave they wouldn’t be here. It means something and it’s important and it shouldn’t just be ignored. I still have the Trendsmap of that day and the day after and #Bravery trended worldwide LITERALLY all across the globe for HOURS because damn it we are brave and we are here and Modest Management will never, ever shut us down.


It is 1:26AM and I’m proud of you for being alive. I’m proud of you for being brave, staying strong, having courage, and faith, and I’m proud of you for holding on, and staying alive to make it to this day. And I don’t care if any of you think that’s cringey or over dramatic or stupid because it means the world to me that those of you reading this never gave in to the hate and pain and the bullshit.

Dear Modest!,


(please don’t trend that)

Thank you, Erin, for being there for me through everything in my life over the last year. I appreciate knowing I had your shoulder to cry on, even if you never cared as much as I did, it helped me stay strong until today. Thank you for indulging me whenever I just had to tell you things about Larry and Management. In a lot of ways, you’ve been my anchor when I felt like I was just going to explode. And even though I think you’re batshit insane for still loving Taylor Swift :p I still love you to death and I’m so grateful for your place in my life and I’m so, so blessed to be your big cousin. And I’m super excited for the day Winter comes and we get waaaaasssssssssted in celebration. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Why #BraveryDay Needs To Be Celebrated 0


Read this first: Why September 16’s Bullshit Tweet Day Should Be Known As The True #BraveryDay

I’m not sure if you guys realize this, but we fucking made it, y’all. We’re ALIVE. “We’ll survive this. We always survive.” We lived through that horrible bullshit tweet and every single article that came after it. This whole last horrible, horrible year being vilified in the press — we survived it all. And damn right I do think we deserve to celebrate this fact for ourselves. This is NOT a trend about Harry and Louis. This is not designed to piss off Management and give us even more hell. This is not to antagonize Louis_Tomlinson into telling us off. I want to make that very, very, very, very, very, very, VERY clear to all of you right now. This is NOT specifically Larry trend or for them like #HarryDontLetLouisGo or #TimesSquareCantShineAsBrightAsLou, etc. This is about US. (at least to me)

This is about the fact that we survived, that we’re still here, we still believe. They didn’t BREAK US like they wanted.  They didn’t shut us down (they could never shut us down). We’re still standing, we’re still shining like lighthouses for them, we’re still protecting each other, and loving each other, and goddamn it we’re STRONGER for it. For all the pain and suffering and tears and lost friends we’ve had to endure since that day we’ve come out stronger on the other side, I really believe that. That was the day, in my mind, that many of us realized once and for all that we were here, Larry. We weren’t going anywhere. No matter what.

I know for me personally, that was the day I knew I’d never look back and I’d never regret a single moment of loving and supporting these boys, all of them. That day was strength. That day was courage. That day was love. Because no matter what anyone said we knew we had to be strong for them and for ourselves. We knew we had to keep each other’s head’s above water and make it out of this storm alive, and though we’re much closer to the shore than before, we still have a way’s to go.

Celebrating #BraveryDay should be a reminder to us all of not only what we’re fighting for, but how courageous and strong our faith in them is and how strong we are as people. We didn’t let anyone bully us that day. We didn’t take their shit. We fought back and loud. #Bravery trended for days.

We’re still strong.

We’re still here.

We still have #Bravery.

You will never, ever shut us down.

More Stylevingne Bullshit Hidden In A Cute Article About Harry And Gemma 0


Harry Styles seems to be linked to more women than Tyrion Lannister, but he left the ladies for one night to enjoy a night out with his sister.

I both adored and hated the GoT nod. On one hand, LOVE Tyrion and GoT, but kajdfjajdfajdfjadfjsdf of course he’s linked to more women than Tyrion — YOU DO THAT TO HIM, DAILY FAIL!

After attending the House Of Holland fashion show at Somerset House, Harry joined Nick Grimshaw, Kelly Osbourne, her fiancé Matthew Mosshart and his older sibling for a quick drink at a local pub.

But as his celebrity friends headed off to the next fashion party, Harry, 19, and Gemma jumped into their own car, to spend the rest of the evening together.

Awwwwwwwwwwww! I love their siblingship (that’s totally a word, shut up) so much. Aw.

According to onlookers, Harry was quite the gentleman, holding the taxi door open for his big sister so she could enter, but maybe he was making up for his clumsiness earlier, when he tripped over a puppy as he left the pub with his mates.


The One Direction star seemed to kick the poor pup, but ever the animal lover, Styles bent down to see if the canine was OK, much to the enjoyment of its young female owners.

Yup, definitely “Villain Of The Year” right there……..

Hopefully while making the stop at the public house, Harry’s fasting period was over, as the popstar has been following Yom Kippur, although he is not Jewish himself.

I love that about him so. much.

And this is where my enjoyment of this night ends. Of couuuuuurse they have to put a Harry/Cara nod in there. Can we call them Stylevingne? Because Hara and Carry is stupid and if we HAVE to suffer through this we might as well get a cool ship name out of it. I’m a writer by blood, what can you do?
But while Harry and Gemma headed off on their own, Kelly later popped up at the W Magazine party hosted by Cara Delevingne who was recently reported to be secretly dating Styles.After the two were spotted together at a recent performance of Book Of Mormons in London, rumours emerged of a romance between them, but one magazine claims Cara isn’t wearing her heart on her her sleeve.A source told Look magazine: ‘Of course he might profess his love for her – and he has done that on many occasions – but she’s heard it all before.

BAHAHAHAHA what occasions were those, Source? Your own fantasy land?

 ‘He said that to her just a month before he went public with Taylor, so I imagine she’s learned her lesson.’

It’s thought the couple’s secret rendezvous have included her flying to Los Angeles to watch him in concert and meeting up for casual drinks with mutual friends such as Nick Grimshaw and Pixie Geldof.

But with their relationship reported to be casual, surely Harry’s evening with his sister will be met with relief on Cara’s part.

God, this is all such bullshit it hurts. Poor Harry and Cara and Rita and Louis!

Harry Styles’ Beardships Are LITERAL Clockwork 0

This is how pathetic and predictable this is y’all:
Sep. ’11-Jan. ’12 Harry/Caroline Flack before/after UAN CD/before UAN tour
Sep. ’12-Jan. ’13 Harry/Taylor Swift before/after TMH CD/before TMH tour
Sep. ’13-Jan. ’14 Harry/Cara Delevingne before/after MM CD/before WWA tour
It is LITERAL clockwork and the fact that people are STILL believing in it………

Happy Larry Fandom Birthday Ben Harvey! 0

NEVER in the Larry fandom’s history has an article given SO much hope to so many downtrodden people. That may sound dramatic, but it’s true. At least for everyone I know. To be honest, I barely remember a day before #BraveryDay and until I looked it up I didn’t even remember that Ben Harvey‘s influential, life-saving piece came three days before #BraveryDay: September 13, 2012.

Well, actually, his first article arrived on August 28, 2012 with What If One Of The One Direction Boys Were Gay? and so our cautiously-hopeful love affair with Ben Harvey (and Alex Goldschmidt and Brody!) began. (I feel like I’m missing someone but I can’t remember who….)

Adults! Adults in the industry who believed in us! Adults who DIDN’T call us crazy and sick legions of hateful people on us! Beacons of hope that someday somewhere we would be accepted! I remember I cried for, like, two hours after both of these articles came out. It was SUCH a JOY to all of us! And it still is! (I’m crying while writing this)

So happy birthday into your journey as S.S. Larry Stylinson god!


Where In The World Are Cal And Harry? 0

(aw, Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego! did anyone else watch that as a kid?)

But seriously. They BOTH posted photos already on Google.

Embedded image permalink


James Spithill An Oracle Racing AC45 skippered by James Spithill sails past Alcatraz on February 21, 2012 in San Francisco, California. The AC45 is the forerunner to the AC72, which teams will race in the Louis Vuitton Cup and America's Cup finals in 2013 in San Francisco. The AC45 will be featured at the America's Cup World Series.
Cal’s pic came from here A YEAR AGO. So, obvs they’re lying.

Tumblr and Twitter have been rampant with ideas as to why and I really do agree that it’s either
a) They’re on their way to UK/in the UK
b) wherever they are IN Cali they don’t want to be found
Either way I don’t think we’ll have any idea until other, concrete photos get posted.

((Yes, I do know someone tweeted Harry was in the UK and they couldn’t say where, but Twitter has also been abuzz all day that Harry was pictured crying while walking down the street today and he WASN’T crying AND those pics were from JANUARY, so excuse meeee if I don’t trust a random person with no proof.))

The Trusty Relationship Of Promotional Deals And Sponsorships Tweets About Domino’s 0

Why is this news, Snix, why do we care what Louis and Eleanor tweet each other? Especially when it’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo obviously promo we’d rather puke instead? Well, my dear darlings, because Domino’s just started a promo/sponsorship deal with The X Factor yesterday, that’s why! Seeing the obvious even more now? Now the whole of the One Direction fandom knows the HORRORS OF NO MORE MOZZARELLA STICKS AT DOMINO’S! WHAT EVER SHALL WE ALL DO WITHOUT THEM????? (no seriously, I will be a broken woman if they disappear in the US.)

Domino’s has been announced as the headline sponsor of The X Factor app for the 2013 series. The Domino’s brand will run across the digital property, as well as within bespoke second screen ad formats and new interactive features. Using ITV’s dual-screen ad format, Ad Sync, Domino’s ITV will run a number of interactive campaigns to reach consumers on second screen devices with a message that is synchronised with on-air spots. The Ad Sync format will also feature branded games, designed by iris. Users will also be able to access a Domino’s hub which has additional content and rewards for Domino’s customers. The partnership will also be amplified via social media platforms. It comes following the Fifth Judge update to the app, allowing users to play the role of judge from their living rooms. “We know that viewers are going to be glued to their screens and while they’re predicting who will stay or go, we want them to be tucking in to a Domino’s Pizza,” said Simon Wallis, sales and marketing director of Domino’s. He added: “Unmissable TV events such as The X Factor create an ideal time for a product, such as pizza, that’s made for sharing – and because we deliver, there’s no need to miss a single note.” The partnership was negotiated by ITV Commercial, FremantleMedia UK and Arena on behalf of Domino’s.

But, you say to me, we didn’t even KNOW Domino’s was considering or had taken mozzarella sticks off the menu! EXACTLY! But now you know! Job well done, I say!


Look at her face! She’s so happy the her creepy sugar daddy employee head of Modest! could get her dippers back! (that sounds like a euphemism but it isn’t, I swear) (but seriously it’s so so so so so so so so so sooooooo creepy that she’s more flirty with him than her boyfriend of almost two years)

Boy George Says 1D All Bi 0


Since I’m only 23, born in 1990, Boy George goes way over my head in terms of relevance/fame, but I know he was a huge thing in the 80s, so I’m just not gonna comment on that part. The first part of the article, he talks about his Twitter fight with Liam and how much fun he had basically being an asshole. I won’t link that part, you can read it yourselves here if you’re so inclined to want to stab yourself in the eye afterwards.

“The odds are one of One Direction must be gay,” George continued to the Daily Star. “I think everyone is a bit bisexual deep down, so the odds are they are probably all bisexual. They’re rock stars so it’s what you’d expect, isn’t it? I’d be disappointed if they weren’t. Tattoos don’t make you butch. Look at me.”

This is not the first time One Direction’s sexuality has come up. Former NSYNC member Lance Bass previously said “statistically speaking, one probably is [gay].” Some have even speculated there is something going on between Styles and Tomlinson or Styles and Radio 1 DJ Nick Grimshaw.

Styles addressed the issue of bisexuality in the September 2013 issue of British GQ, saying, “Bisexual? Me? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure I’m not.”

To be honest, I’m really surprised they added that people have discussed 1D’s sexuality at all. Don’t they realize all this does is make people speculate? Especially to throw in the Larry and Gryles/Stymshaw rumors? Though I am impressed that the didn’t misquote Harry (for once) and stuck to the truth that he meant bisexual and not gay. Too many magazines after the fact did not. But, like, no shit they’re all at least bi when 4/5 are dating each other and Niall had that Bebo pic about wanting to ride a soccer player off into the sunset (I screamed).

Leeds Fest 2 Year Anniversary Starts Today! 1


I am dead.


Side note: I can’t believe I ever actually believed Louis and Harry weren’t together until Leeds. It makes me giggle now because it’s soooooooo obvious they were very, very sexually active, if not having full-blown sex, during The X Factor.


Rihanna Gains My Respect, Y’all 0

(no idea who took this pic, email for credit if you want/need it)


[Blind Gossip] We have two interesting stories about one very moody celebrity who was in attendance at the Video Music Awards last night.

First, Moody showed little emotion whenever the cameras were on her… but she was dishing out some choice tidbits of nastiess when they weren’t! Her comments were directed specifically toward one young female Singer. While the Singer was on stage picking up an award, Moody was doing all kind of grousing. At one point she even turned around and told a young boy bander (who used to date the Singer), “F*ck that bi*tch! You can do better.” It wasn’t caught on camera, but those around them heard everything! BTW, the Boy Bander didn’t react other than to purse his lips, as if restraining himself from replying.

Second, at one of the after-parties, Moody got friendly with a swirly male singer. By “friendly” we mean “sticking her tongue down his throat”. We can’t say we blame her. After all, a certain foodie found him to be a very tasty snack last year during one of her many extra marital hotel romps. Good thing that Moody’s churlish ex wasn’t in attendance.

Moody: Rihanna

Singer: Taywhore Swift

Boy Bander: Harry Styles

Swirly: No idea

Foodie: No idea

Moody’s Churlish Ex: Chris Brown

Why I Do Not Like Or Respect Taylor Swift (And Why No One Else Should Either) 2

If you have ANY respect for Taylor Swift after this I’m really, honestly, genuinely, seriously sorry you’re buying into her act and being lied to because one day you’ll see it and it’ll be too late.
It’s not even ABOUT Harry.
It’s about the fact that she’s CONTINUOUSLY played the slut-shaming, woe-is-me victim card SINCE SHE WAS 18 YEARS OLD! Mostly about relationships that NEVER. EVEN. HAPPENED. LITERALLY. THEY’RE. ALL. FROM. HER. TWISTED. MIND. Yet she dupes EVERYONE into believing “the bad men hurt me” when it’s LITERALLY THE FANTASY IN HER OWN HEAD.
And I’m supposed to like and respect someone who does that?
She R U I N S other people’s reputations for her own gain.
So, sorry, but no matter how much charity and “nice things” she does, I will NEVER, EVER like or respect someone like that. Never. It’s SICK and people are so blinded they don’t even realize it.

One of my friends brought up the song “Mean” and I almost threw my computer at the wall:
The sick and sad thing is, she (and no one else) has ever even REALIZED that, from that song, SHE’s being a WAY bigger bully than that Buzz guy EVER was! He made some comments about her not sounding good live, so she goes and writes a song that says “You’re a liar, and pathetic, and alone in life, and mean” BECAUSE SOMEONE CRITICIZED HER? SHE’S INSANE AND NO ONE SEES IT! ASKJDFAJSDFAJSKFJ GAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

Taylor Swift Tells Harry Styles To “Shut The Fuck Up” At The VMAs 0

Harry fucking CLAPS for her when she wins AFTER she tries to humiliate him. Who’s the more mature one here????


((sidenote: Captain Niall I love ya!)) http://24.media.tumblr.com/65621ef7bc6e2c4936c0e741bce8c121/tumblr_ms487hA8as1sqsp7io1_500.gif

“Horrible, I fuckin’ told ya”


I cannot believe Taylor did this. And yet. And yet I can because she’s that fucking psychotic. I seriously think she’s lost her mind. Taylor, take your own advice and:http://31.media.tumblr.com/d083c284aa571194ee0d66cb03b927eb/tumblr_ms46btZXUE1qh9nffo1_500.gif

Why September 16th’s “Bullshit Tweet Day” Should Be Known As The True #BraveryDay 0



Can we PLEASE change #BraveryDay to Sep. 16th? Because it wasn’t Sep. 17th that we had to be the bravest we’ve ever been, it was THAT day. It just bugs the hell out of me that the day after was called #BraveryDay in the trends first when our bravery & strength carried us through the day BEFORE. Our reactions and hope and REFUSAL to surrender to Modest mattered THAT day, not the next day. THAT was the test of our strength and character and hope and faith and certainty in Louis and Harry’s everlasting love. In my opinion, no other day has been as important to our fandom as that day.

It was the true test of loyalty to them, belief in their relationship, and whether or not we would let what Modest! Management has been trying to do all along break us. And with every passing day and stunt and bad times we’ve only grown stronger as a fandom and as a belief. And I don’t know about y’all, but nothing short of death could change the fact that they’re planning to spend forever together. The anniversary is coming up soon and it shouldn’t be a reminder of that sickening tweet and resulting media circus, but of our strength and courage and bravery as human beings to stand up against a corrupt, terrible company and the world and say WE WON’T STOP ‘TIL IT’S OVER WON’T STOP TO SURRENDER. ‘TIL they SURRENDER.

The world can try to break us, shame us, bully and mock us all they want, but like the song “Red String” by Former Ghosts says, “If the swallow is still there, then trust what is in your heart”. The words you whispered (and tattooed on your skin forever) I will always believe. I’m trying to change the horrible memory of “bullshit tweet day” to one of hope — #BraveryDay.

#Bravehearts, will you help me conquer it on September 16?

What’s That Old Saying, “Fake Engagements Come In Threes”? Oh. It’s Not? Could’ve Fooled Me! 0


[Blind Gossip] The management of this group has been pushing for the last year for somebody  – anybody! – in this band to get engaged.

They tried to force one of the guys to get engaged earlier this year… even though he was actually in the process of breaking up with his girlfriend! He totally balked at the publicity stunt, and management was forced to back off.

We told you about that event while it was happening. We also told you that management would not let go of this notion, and that they would try again.

Some of you fell for the recent ring shopping bit of another band member who is definitely not getting married to his girlfriend. As we told you in another blind, that whole setup was fake, too!

LOL because gay.

But… good news for the management team! One of the boys finally did pull off the engagement bit. Congratulations to the happy couple!

Forced Guy: Liam Payne

Forced Girlfriend: Danielle Peazer

Ring Shopping Guy: Louis Tomlinson

Ring Shopping Girlfriend: Eleanor Calder

Engaged Guy: Zayn Malik

Engaged Girlfriend: Perrie Edwards

Clues: We’ve ALWAYS called Modest! “Management” so that’s 1 cookie for Ace adopting our lingo.
He already solved a blind about Payzer’s fake engagement, wrote a blind about Elounor’s bullshit the other week, and now this new one. “bit” leads me to think skit/sketch. And “that whole setup was fake, too!” makes me think he’s hinting that this is fake too (of course it is) “Pull off” the engagement instead of “got engaged” makes me think he’s saying “they got everyone to believe it” because why wouldn’t he say it that way??

I’m sorry, but if you’re SERIOUSLY going to say it’s NOT a PR stunt that they announce/show off their engagement AT HIS MOVIE PREMIERE that’s just stupidity. As is believing that STUPID FAMOUS PEOPLE having VIDEO FOOTAGE OF THE PROPOSAL is normal and totally not PR. Even if you believe Zerrie is legit NO ONE SHOULD BE BUYING THIS ENGAGEMENT. NO ONE. It’s ridiculous. And it’s OBVIOUS and if you don’t see it by now I just feel sorry for you, honestly. It’s not that hard.

Now Magazine Article About Louis’ New Beard Is Very Sweet 0

Louishonestly LARRYTCA BestCouple2015 Happybabies


This article made me cry, y’all. Louis gets so much hate from people that it’s nice to hear someone being so sweet to him outside of our fandom.

It’s no secret that I’m in love with Louis Tomlinson.

Louis is hands down the sexiest member of One Direction

He’s got the best style. If he wasn’t famous, his rolled-up skinny jeans and braces would probably get him ridiculed in North America, but he’s not afraid to be himself, to take risks and proudly show off his very British fashion sense.

I love that no matter how famous Louis gets he always makes time for Doncaster, his birthplace.

My heart melted a little when I found out he wanted to help his hometown pub football club, The Three Horseshoes, who were struggling to get a new kit together. Then went a step further and bought the whole team!

I also consider him to be a good investment. Take it from me – and I am very good at this – Louis Tomlinson might be cute now, but he’s going to age like a fine wine, getting tastier and more refined with each passing year.

God yes, I’m really, really excited to see what he looks like in a few years.

But even I wasn’t prepared for the level of sexiness Louis brought to the Teen Choice Awards.

Growing a beard is the best decision Louis Tomlinson‘s ever made.

Yes, his 1D bandmates Liam Payne and Zayn Malik rocked up with scruff too. And yes, Louis‘s beard’s a bit patchy – but that makes his attempt that much cuter.

It makes him look like guy you meet on holiday at the beach.

The guy who you click instantly with and makes you believe in destiny, like every decision you’ve ever made was leading you into his arms.

Since time is passing so slowly, the date stretches on forever. And no matter how much he tells you about his life, in your soul you know he’s holding something back. Cue sunset and love song…

Aw man, now you’ve got ME wanting this…

WHOA. Sorry about that. I digress.

Louis‘s beard even serves a higher purpose. If pictures of Harry Styles begin to surface with his face covered in stubble rash, then I promise I will finally buy into the Larry Stylinson rumours and become a Larry Shipper.


That’s how much Louis Tomlinson‘s beautiful beard has affected me.

Liam James Payne Is A Godsend + My Thoughts On Today 0





Today was one of the worst days the Larry believing fandom has ever had. In fact I think it might tie with #BraveryDay (bullshit tweet day), but maaaybe top because, instead of this issue being contained within the fandom, it was broadcast to the world. I’d been saying since we first found out about this documentary that it was going to be bad for us, and I was, unfortunately, right on target. For those of you who follow me on my Twitter @SnarkySweetGossip and my Larry Twitter, you know how I reacted already.

The carrotyness was unbearable. The stalker, het bits made me want to claw my eyes out. But the worst part was the reaction to Larry.

Like soleilouis said:

like quick reminder that you’re sitting outside their private room trying to get in but definitely let’s worry about sexuality rumors affecting them

and it’s true. It’s insane the amount of bullshit those girls did yet we’re the problem. It was so stupid. And for someone who reportedly ships Larry, Daisy didn’t give us a fair shake at all. It was gross.

It’s 4AM so I’ll let someone else do the talking on my exact thoughts:


the most frustrating thing about that whole “documentary” was that there were some flashes of how it could have been a positive force, or at least interesting, instead of focussing on that horrifyingly pathologising and sensationalist narrative. there were plenty of things that could have made it into something actually thought-provoking — like natasha talking about how much it means to her to see another asian person living his dream on a global stage — like how one direction have been marketed in such a way that it’s created an aura of accessibility, and what that means in terms of a social impact, rather than just how it promotes stalking and finding out people’s dick sizes — like how the fandom demands that you be a certain type of fan, and how this is judged on what you can afford, rather than how you feel about them and their music. indeed, whilst i’d far rather the fourth wall was left well alone, i realise that it’s pretty much a joke in this fandom, so if they must focus on shipping and tinhatting, firstly could they at least use the correct terms, and secondly, why not make it into a discussion about how it can create an accepting environment for queer fans, as well as offering everyone a chance to educate themselves about lgbtq* issues? or even, and i know this is a radical idea, look at how shipping gives queer fans a chance to explore their own voice, their own stories, and to see themselves reflected in their idols, in a world that valorises heteronormativity to the point of queer erasure? y’know, as in the reason shipping and slash fiction first came about more than 50 years ago…

there are so many great things about this fandom, even amongst all the bullshit, so many brilliant things that they could have focussed on — heck maybe they could talk to the fans about the band’s music instead of how hot they are — but why do that when you can bully teenage girls, and judge an entire fandom based on some extreme behaviour eh?

Yes. I agree with all of that and it makes me angry now that none of this will ever be focused on.

You guys are my family. I love all of you. I might only follow a handful of you compared to the actual Larry fandom, and we may get in fights all the time, but we’re a family nonetheless. The way we bonded and stuck up for each other was amazing. Even the Beliebers and Swifties sticking up for Directioners was sweet, considering just a few days ago they hated our guts. But I was still grateful.

I didn’t really think any of the boys would tweet about what happened today, mostly because they couldn’t risk hurting those girls, and because they couldn’t say anything about Larry, but I’m so, so glad Liam did. I think that was the recharge everyone needed in a way. Not gonna lie though, it disappointed me that Niall didn’t say anything because I expected it of him the most, Liam second. We all know Harry and Louis won’t say anything, and Zayn, who knows where the hell he is most of the time. Though I did appreciate his family’s comments, they were sweet.

The same goes for Ruth and Bobby, Karen, and Trisha (are those their real accounts???). Robin and Anne’s comments stung, but I pushed it down. I mean, it must’ve been soooo awkward for her to see fan art of her baby boy and his husband banging. And oh god the fanfic. She must’ve wanted to rip out her hair. I’m cringing so hard. As I told Brody earlier, I’m not even just second-hand embarrassed, I’m all the hands embarrassed.

It even amused me that Maz tweeted about shipping him and Andy. That was cute. If double-edged because I could’ve sworn he also called us crazy/intense/psycho or something, but it was nice to have support from them nonetheless.

The worst part was the actual functioning adults outside of the fandom bullying Directioners and Larry believers. I saw quite a few disgusting tweets saying they needed to have a second Holocaust to purge us from the earth. I. Just. I. What. It was sick.

And as for the validity of the #RIPLarryShippers claim — I really, really hope no one would fake suicides to get sympathy, but the number has been going up all day, from 14, to 28, to 50, to over 200. My thinking is that they’re taking the reported 9 from #BraveryDay, adding the 2 from last week, and then a few more today and people are just getting confused and thinking 14 was the original number so they’re saying 28. I don’t actually know, tbh. No one’s stated WHO these kids are.

It’s disgusting to me that as SOON as the #RIPLarryShippers/Larry Shippers trends started, Directioners started attacking us when five seconds before they’d been crying about hate. Um. No. It doesn’t fucking work that way, sorry.

The amount of people bullying Larry believers and saying they were glad they were dead is disgusting. Here’s an example of just a few tweets:

Tbh I’m GLAD their usernames aren’t blocked out. I’m not saying go hate on them, but people who say these things SHOULD NOT just get away with it. I HATE it when people block out the usernames of abusive tweeters like this. Frankly, they deserve whatever they get after saying things like this. I’m hoping they all get suspended.


Um. I don’t really know where else I was going with this and it’s now 6AM and I’m exhausted. I’ll just close out by saying how proud I am of every single one of you. We made it through #BraveryDay, we’ll make it through this day, Winter Is Coming, and one day we’ll see the below images in real. Just hold on. We can make it through this.

BRLu0CcCIAAIjxM.jpg largeholdinghandss hold

I Am A Braveheart, I Cannot Be Stopped. 0


What exactly is a ship? (because some misguided people need that clarified for them)

According to Wikipedia: “Shipping, derived from the word relationship, is the belief that two characters, fictional or non-fictional, would be interesting or believable (or are, or will be, or should be) in a romantic relationship. It is considered a general term for fans’ emotional involvement with the ongoing development of romance in a work of fiction.”


((((((((((((((((((((You cannot ship a bromance)))))))))))))))))))))))))


My issues with saying you “ship” Larry are this:


1. Ships are not taken seriously. By anyone! ((((1D Fandom’s Take On Ships (grrrr))))))))

At least not shipping real people outside of the fandom. Even my bff who is heavenly involved in other fandoms and ships a shit-load of things thinks having ships of real people is sick and twisted. Even IN the 1D fandom shipping the boys isn’t taken seriously as a ROMANCE.

2. The idiots have perverted “ship” from romance to bromance. Which is dumb because ship comes from relationSHIP so you cannot possibly ship a bromance. It’s literally impossible. So if you say you ship so-and-so you can end up finding yourself following/talking to someone who ONLY means it as a bromance! YUCK!

3. You can ship them without thinking/wanting them to be real, which is a problem for people who BELIEVE (and know because they have functioning eyes and brains) Harry and Louis are real. For example, I believe Ziam is real and I love and adore them together, but I also ship Ziall (and mostly Zaniam open OT3) harder than a motherfuckaaaa.

4. Multi-ships. Misguided idiots (woooooops) always say “I ship Larry and Elounor!” Um. No. No, you cannot do that. You can’t think they’re both real, it just doesn’t work that way. You either believe in one or not the other. Period. End of story.

5. Larry IS real. Larry is not a ship, it is not a fantasy we’ve made up in our heads. It’s real. It’s REALITY. It’s going on right in front of everyone’s faces and they’re so, so, so disgustingly, willfully blind to it. Like the line in my bio says: “I am not a Larry shipper, I am a Larry believer. Larry is not a ship, it’s a belief in reality.” By saying you “ship” Larry, you take away your own credibility.

6. Shippers have doubts. In fact, they doubt so much that it’s become an actual problem for everyone involved with the boys when they constantly need Larry validated as real.

If you BELIEVE it’s real, then you don’t need anyone to confirm it. Larry is real whether anyone surrounding Larry ever says anything to anyone at all. Larry is real even if they never come out.

Larry believers are confident in their belief/knowledge/ability to use their eyes/ears/brains to know Larry is real beyond a shadow of a doubt.

7. Ships aren’t serious, beliefs are. At the end of the day (ha ha ha), my need for Delena to be endgame is not going to affect my life (yes it is, I will die if they aren’t) like Larry does. Because it isn’t real. (but Nian is and I’m not giving up hope, damn it). Dan had it right when he said we believe more in Larry than we do in Jesus (especially the atheist ones lol).

My friends constantly question me:

“What would you do if Larry wasn’t real?”
“But it is.”
“I know it is, but what would you do if it wasn’t?”
“What would you do if God wasn’t real?”

That’s the only answer I can come up with for that question (and yes, I do believe in God). It is so real that, in my mind at least, there’s literally no way in all the world that it can’t be. I know some Larry believers try to stay diplomatic or whatever and say “well, we could be wrong”. Um. No. No we couldn’t. Not if you’re paying attention. There’s no way we’re wrong about this. Too many things add up and Modest’s response is too batshit crazy for it to not be real.


Why #Braveheart?

I’ve called us Larry believers #Bravehearts for a while now.

  1. I like how it sounds, most of all.
  2. We do need to be brave. We have to be. Fighting for Larry means going up against the whole fandom and the whole world.
  3. We trust what we know in our hearts and we refuse to give up hope and a fighting chance.
  4. The song “Red String” by Former Ghosts sums it up quite well: “If the swallow is still there, then trust what is in your heart.” Now, I don’t know about y’all, but until Harry and Louis have every single tattoo they’ve gotten for each other removed I’m not going to believe their love will ever be over.
  5. I’d rather be a #Braveheart than a #Bullshipper. Sorry.


The TCAS Was A Shit-Show Y’all 0


I literally CAN’T. Like, I’m actually crying at how beautiful they are.
Happybabies HottestCoupleAaward LARRYTCA surfLarry TCALARRYHEIGHTDIFFERENCE


SSLARRYSETTINGSAIL put it perfectly: “So basically…no red carpet interview, an odd performance, a rushed award presentation, 3 members leaving (with Louis possibly having to stand backstage), Zayn and Harry sitting with other people, the TCA’s continuously lying about One Direction coming back, Harry basically being presented as the only member of One Direction, and no presentation of Harry’s awards. Well, at least we got a Harry and Louis moment and Harry shaking his ass.”


I don’t know what happened tonight, you guys. They did SO WELL last night and they were ON FIRE! and then tonight…. I KNOW they’re stressed and exhausted and were really, really, really uncomfortable with everyone turning it into “The Harry Styles Show” (at least Harry was, if these gifs are anything to go by)

http://24.media.tumblr.com/46f721cd7f86e70d6650ee58739b1b2b/tumblr_mreosgRZpq1rp9rjdo2_250.gif (((And in the video here the paps are just yelling and yelling for Harry. It’s sick. 🙁 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCyTUinylSc)))


I just cried really hard, y’all. If you know me, you know I’ve thought they were married or engaged for a while, and this just makes me think it even more. I can’t think of any other explanation for why all the other stuff would be facing a different way. With tattoos, at least hopefully Louis and Harry’s, nothing is accidentally or just done just because. It all has a purpose. And that’s a damn good purpose if I ever say one, let me tell you.


(photo cred)

And like everyone’s already said a thousand times tonight, I really, really do think Harry chose not to go accept his awards because it’s not just him. There’s an entire band and 4 other guys he’s with and as much as I love Harry to death I’m getting really fucking tired of everyone and their mom acting like he’s the only one who exists. And I know he is too. You can’t deny, nd I think everyone else already agrees with this, that the TCAs blatantly used Harry for viewers. They made Louis (possibly) stand BACK STAGE instead of sitting with Zayn and Little Mix, they had fucking Zayn and Little Mix NOT sitting with Harry, it’s just bullshit, y’all. And, like other people have also said, the TCAs said several times they would be back and they weren’t. And they CONSTANTLY showed Harry’s face in the crowd. It was gross favoritism. Poor baby. 🙁



I’m glad Harry had fun with Ed though:


And here we have Louis being afraid of a girl:


I’m not even ashamed to admit I literally started crying. And you can see the Harry-green in his eyes. Waaaaah! 🙁


And finally, here’s a picture of what looks to be like Louis off to the right standing BACK STAGE watching the show. Like, are you FUCKING KIDDING ME???????????????????????? I’m so livid right now, you guys. I’m really glad I decided to type this all up instead of doing a video because I’m crying right now and I’m so not sorry. It’s DISGUSTING how they treat the other members and I’m so fucking tired of it. It’s gross. And I know it can’t be helped by the boys themselves, which is even worse. 🙁
image (denim jacket, white shirt)

And now for some happy (I would do 10 straight copies of this, I swear)

(I seriously just started sobbing. He’s so beautiful it physically hurts.)

Good Lord, the butterfly

And because I couldn’t just NOT




MY FAVORITE FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


same Ed.
Same, Ed, same. I feel that feel. We know that feel. I concur. Yes.



Boyfriends laughing together

God damn it, Louis!

(((((((((((((((((((((((HARRY LICKING CAKE OFF SANDY MOTHER OF GOD HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))))))))))))))))

http://sslarrysettingsail.tumblr.com/post/57999831314/altruisticstyles-saintkittenstyles-x (And you guys just have to read this because it’s a much better take on what happened with the Larry mic switching incident Saturday night AND I CRY!)

((this is from their last concert but gooddddd is it beautiful!)


Ok I think that’s it for now! Let me know if I didn’t finish a point or rambled! It’s 6AM and I haven’t slept all night oops.


Louis Responds To The Mirror’s Disgusting Article About His Family 2

My heart hurts so much, you guys. I just. No one deserves that. NO ONE.

What The Fuck Is This 0



A trailer from new documentary Crazy About One Direction shows how followers have invented a gay relationship between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson.In their fantasy, the boyband members also have a baby.

In SOME scenarios, not all! FUCK YOU!

The Channel 4 programme, due to be screened next Thursday, opens up the strange world of fandom.

An offshoot group of fans, who called themselves “Shippers”, have developed fantasies about gay romances between members of the band.


They post lurid mocked-up pictures and stories online detailing Harry and Louis’s “affair”, which they have dubbed the Larry Stylinson romance.

Noootttttttttttt an affair when neither of them are married, you massive fuckwad!

I love both those graphics and I have them saved on my computer but WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?! FUCK YOU, NIGEL PAULEY OF THE DAILY STAR!!!!!!! WHY ARE THEY DOING THIS?????? God this is just going to make everything SO MUCH WORSE!

But can we just talk about the fact that article’s headline says “CREEPY 1D fans fantasize about two of the members becoming gay dads”. WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH HARRY AND LOUIS BECOMING GAY DADS? WHAT’S WRONG WITH THEM BEING GAY DADS? Because they will in the future you fucking assholes and now you’ve probably really upset them!

I just 0

I’m just putting this on my site because I just need to get my thoughts out, I’m not intending for this to be spread everywhere and whatnot like all my other articles.

I’m shaking and I feel like throwing up. I can’t stop crying. My heart is just breaking for everyone right now.

I just.. don’t understand what anyone has to gain by telling THE WORLD such a deeply personal and tragic story putting Jay and Dan on blast like that. My heart is breaking for everyone involved, it really is. I’ve known people who have gone through situations like that and the pain is unimaginable, so WHY would you want to tell EVERYONE about what happened? Revenge? To shame them? Honestly, I just don’t get it. Why would you want everyone to know this? It’s not going to change anything, I don’t think. They’re still going to get married, they’re still building a life together, what do you possibly have to gain by telling the world this? I just. I just. Why? So they’ll feel guilty every time they’re happy together? So they’ll feel guilty and think twice every time they tweet each other? I…

Yeah, Jay and Dan are obnoxious, I think everyone can agree to that, but just WHY would you do this?

And what about LOUIS, and Lottie, and Fizzy, and Daisy, and Phoebe? They DID NOT deserve to have everyone know about this.

Now I understand what Dan’s tweets meant, but still, the public was not a need-to-know party.

I don’t don’t understand and my heart just hurts for everyone.

I’d Like To Start Off The Day By Saying A Big Fuck You To The Mirror :) 0



Not all One Direction fans are insane and deluded – but it’s unlikely this video will help their cause.

How are (the majority) teenage girls insane for believing in love? You’re a monster.

A clip from a new investigation into the self-confessed – and madly obsessed – fans of the boyband has been posted online.

The teaser from a documentary titled Crazy About One Direction explores a fantasy gay relationship between two of the singers and opens a whole new level of madness.

If you’re not already familiar with fan fiction of Larry Stylinson then allow us to explain.

Some fans, dubbed ‘shippers’, reckon Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are in some kind of secret relationship (they’re not).

And how the fuck do you know that? Did they tell you that specifically?

But if that’s not enough, they write in graphic and slightly alarming detail about fantasies of a Larry sex life.

Louis even hit back at the “bulls***” rumours in a rant on Twitter and claimed it’s affecting the way him and Harry act around each other in public.

So it’s unlikely Louis will appreciate this fairly graphic storytelling clip which will feature in the Crazy About One Direction documentary on Channel 4.

“I think there is a bunch of drama queens in the fanbase who are bound to threaten to kill themselves,” documentary producer Daisy Asquith is reported to have said.

Um, yeah? It’s on her Twitter….

However, she did say “A lot of the girls I spoke to are not silly or crazy.”

“They are very knowing about their activities on Twitter. To them, putting every single thought online is entirely normal.”

* Crazy About One Direction is on Channel 4 at 10pm on 16 August and the One Direction movie This Is Us is released on August 29 

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, this documentary could be the most warm and fuzzy thing on this planet, it could be a #Bravehearts paradise, but it still won’t stop monsters in the media from bullying girls to death for believing in true love.

A Call To Arms Regarding The Larry Section Of “Crazy About 1D”: Bravery My Bravehearts 0


(my wrist, my writing, my Instagram picture. credit if you use for anything.)

dismedisyoudisus bullshitt bullsshit


Channel 4 are all set to air their new documentary ‘Crazy About One Direction’ next week and in the run up to the special one-off programme, they have released a clip showing what fans can expect to see in the show.

We have already reported that the programme will be taking a close look at the crazy and dedicated 1D fandom that obsess about every area of the boys’ lives and will explore their need to know everything about the lads, including their ‘willy sizes’ and their sexual orientation.

The new clip shows a girl getting rather excited about a piece of fan fic, in which it’s imagined that Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are having a gay encounter.

The story goes:

Louis trails his fingers down Harry’s stomach ……he leaned in and licked Harry’s abs cooing in appreciation. Louis explored all of Harry’s upper body with his fingers and tongue before licking down to his happy trail, all the way down to his pants.

He licked over Harry’s underwear once and the other boy moaned out ‘Lou do something!’ He was on the verge of pushing Louis off the bed and satisfying himself if he didn’t do anything. Harry had not been this turned on for a very long time but Louis was just so f**king hot!

Why can’t they pick good fanfics to showcase if they have to do it at all? Like, literally, in every fucking thing anyone has ever done about 1D fics, whether het or gay they’re all horribly written and it makes us all look bad. Sorry not sorry in the slightest.

Reading fanfic out loud is NEVER a good idea. It ALWAYS sounds so horrible and face-flame-worthy, even if it’s one of the greats. It’s just embarrassing. There’s a complete difference between reading something on a page and actually speaking the words and I’m SO MORTIFIED RIGHT NOW I’M SHAKING.

The girl in question seems rather excited about it all however, we think it’s fair to say that Larry Shippers (those who believe that Harry and Louis’ relationship is less than platonic) are upset with how they are being portrayed by the programme.

On posted on Unreality TV saying:

“So what does it matter if we think Larry is real? We have freedom of speech. You make out fanbase look so terribly horrible. ….. Dont make us look like the bad side of the fandom because to be honest, all we do is sit on tumblr, photoshop pictures, and watch larry videos. Also, talking about their ‘willy sizes’ isnt a bad thing. A girl can dream.”

Another wrote:

“Just leave them alone what the heck? so what if some of the fandom believes in Larry? you dont have to make a documentary about it. And their management is obviously going to make them say its fake. Just leave them alone you’re only going to cause more drama in the fandom and between them.”

A third said:

“im not really a 1d fan but seriously? this will just make larry shippers be the target of the bullying. why is the media so mean to larry shippers? i don’t see anything they’ve done wrong most of them are just teens….”

I’m trying so, so hard to stay hopeful. I really, really, really am, you guys! but I’m just so, so absolutely paralyzed with fear. We’ve been hurt way too many times. I’m scared. Like, I’m actually, genuinely scared of what this is going to do to the boys and to us. It feels like we only JUST got through #BraveryDay (bullshit tweet day) and now they’re throwing us to the lions again. I’m so, so ready for all of this to be over. I’m just tired, like bone-deep exhausted of this constant fight, but I know with the boys on the fast-track to becoming billionaires the actual reality of the situation is far from what we hope it would be.

Honestly? We have every right to be afraid of something like this hurting us again. Look what #BraveryDay did? It killed people, it furthered the war between innocent people who believe they’re in love and the vicious, violent, death-threats from people who don’t (but only so they can kiss Louis’/co. ass). I’m not saying #Bravehearts haven’t done their fair share of nasty things, but Management’s war on us is really, really ridiculous. I’m not saying this documentary is in line with Management, I’m just saying.

It is NOT RIGHT that we are the ONLY FANBASE in the ENTIRE WORLD that gets treated like CRIMINALS for believing two people are together. I mean, for fuck’s sake Joe and Nick don’t even say anything about the people who ship them and they’re brothers. WHY are we the ONLY PEOPLE who get demonized?


OH YEAH, BECAUSE MODEST HAS SOMETHING TO HIDE! If they were a better company they would know to just IGNORE IT, but they can’t because they’re SO AFRAID that outsiders will start seeing it’s real (and plenty of them have) that they have to attack, and bully, and shame us for believing what we believe.


Until the day Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson get all their matching tattoos removed I will not ever stop believing in what I can see with my eyes.


Louis may say “That is a conspiracy of fanfiction between Harry and I. Apparently Harry and I are together and my girlfriend isn’t real.” But if the zoned-out look on his face doesn’t tell you he’s bracing himself to say something then I don’t know what to tell you. His mouth says one thing, his face/eyes/tattoos say another thing and I don’t know about you, but actions speak louder than words.


Always, always, always, always remember: They want to marry each other and have children someday and you should never, ever doubt that. Look at them looking at each other when they say that. None of the other boys do that. Why? Because they aren’t planning to spend the rest of their lives together romantically. No matter what happens, never, ever forget that.

And most importantly:

Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to go cry myself to sleep from sheer terror and exhaustion. It’s 8AM and I haven’t slept at all.


Missed Connection: 60-Year-Love-Story 0







I saw you on the Manhattan-bound Brooklyn Q train.

I was wearing a blue-striped t-shirt and a pair of maroon pants. You were wearing a vintage red skirt and a smart white blouse. We both wore glasses. I guess we still do.

You got on at DeKalb and sat across from me and we made eye contact, briefly. I fell in love with you a little bit, in that stupid way where you completely make up a fictional version of the person you’re looking at and fall in love with that person. But still I think there was something there.

Several times we looked at each other and then looked away. I tried to think of something to say to you — maybe pretend I didn’t know where I was going and ask you for directions or say something nice about your boot-shaped earrings, or just say, “Hot day.” It all seemed so stupid.

At one point, I caught you staring at me and you immediately averted your eyes. You pulled a book out of your bag and started reading it — a biography of Lyndon Johnson — but I noticed you never once turned a page.

My stop was Union Square, but at Union Square I decided to stay on, rationalizing that I could just as easily transfer to the 7 at 42nd Street, but then I didn’t get off at 42nd Street either. You must have missed your stop as well, because when we got all the way to the end of the line at Ditmars, we both just sat there in the car, waiting.

I cocked my head at you inquisitively. You shrugged and held up your book as if that was the reason.

Still I said nothing.

We took the train all the way back down — down through Astoria, across the East River, weaving through midtown, from Times Square to Herald Square to Union Square, under SoHo and Chinatown, up across the bridge back into Brooklyn, past Barclays and Prospect Park, past Flatbush and Midwood and Sheepshead Bay, all the way to Coney Island. And when we got to Coney Island, I knew I had to say something.

Still I said nothing.

And so we went back up.

Up and down the Q line, over and over. We caught the rush hour crowds and then saw them thin out again. We watched the sun set over Manhattan as we crossed the East River. I gave myself deadlines: I’ll talk to her before Newkirk; I’ll talk to her before Canal. Still I remained silent.

For months we sat on the train saying nothing to each other. We survived on bags of skittles sold to us by kids raising money for their basketball teams. We must have heard a million mariachi bands, had our faces nearly kicked in by a hundred thousand break dancers. I gave money to the beggars until I ran out of singles. When the train went above ground I’d get text messages and voicemails (“Where are you? What happened? Are you okay?”) until my phone ran out of battery.

I’ll talk to her before daybreak; I’ll talk to her before Tuesday. The longer I waited, the harder it got. What could I possibly say to you now, now that we’ve passed this same station for the hundredth time? Maybe if I could go back to the first time the Q switched over to the local R line for the weekend, I could have said, “Well, this is inconvenient,” but I couldn’t very well say it now, could I? I would kick myself for days after every time you sneezed — why hadn’t I said “Bless You”? That tiny gesture could have been enough to pivot us into a conversation, but here in stupid silence still we sat.

There were nights when we were the only two souls in the car, perhaps even on the whole train, and even then I felt self-conscious about bothering you. She’s reading her book, I thought, she doesn’t want to talk to me. Still, there were moments when I felt a connection. Someone would shout something crazy about Jesus and we’d immediately look at each other to register our reactions. A couple of teenagers would exit, holding hands, and we’d both think: Young Love.

For sixty years, we sat in that car, just barely pretending not to notice each other. I got to know you so well, if only peripherally. I memorized the folds of your body, the contours of your face, the patterns of your breath. I saw you cry once after you’d glanced at a neighbor’s newspaper. I wondered if you were crying about something specific, or just the general passage of time, so unnoticeable until suddenly noticeable. I wanted to comfort you, wrap my arms around you, assure you I knew everything would be fine, but it felt too familiar; I stayed glued to my seat.

One day, in the middle of the afternoon, you stood up as the train pulled into Queensboro Plaza. It was difficult for you, this simple task of standing up, you hadn’t done it in sixty years. Holding onto the rails, you managed to get yourself to the door. You hesitated briefly there, perhaps waiting for me to say something, giving me one last chance to stop you, but rather than spit out a lifetime of suppressed almost-conversations I said nothing, and I watched you slip out between the closing sliding doors.

It took me a few more stops before I realized you were really gone. I kept waiting for you to reenter the subway car, sit down next to me, rest your head on my shoulder. Nothing would be said. Nothing would need to be said.

When the train returned to Queensboro Plaza, I craned my neck as we entered the station. Perhaps you were there, on the platform, still waiting. Perhaps I would see you, smiling and bright, your long gray hair waving in the wind from the oncoming train.

But no, you were gone. And I realized most likely I would never see you again. And I thought about how amazing it is that you can know somebody for sixty years and yet still not really know that person at all.

I stayed on the train until it got to Union Square, at which point I got off and transferred to the L.

wot faint feels octopicomfort HarryCrying3 icant - Copy


You guys. You guys. You guys. What was that? What was that? What was that? I’m out of breath now. Seriously. I feel all lightheaded and shaky. I don’t even know what just happened or if that’s even real, but oh my god. I can’t even think of anything really eloquent to say I just. Just. Love.

“Would You Say You’re Experimental [Zayn]?” – Louis 0


“When I walked in he was full-on frontal nude with boobs out, it was the weirdest experience of my life.” – Liam

“We discussed that we were never gonna tell anybody that.” – Zayn

Oh my goooooooooodddddddddddd the Ziam flirting I CAN’T!


“But not with his willy out?” LOL OMG LOUIS! WILLY! I can’t stop laughing

Oh my God Louis being obsessed with Zayn’s boobs I’m laughing so hard! I bet you a million dollars he begged to feel them like a hundred times. Harry too. Sheesh.

“Zayn, did you enjoy the process of being a woman?” – Interviewer



“You’ve Looked After Me, Now I’m Gonna Look After You” – Zayn 0


“He’s just trying to get dough” LOUIS SHUT UP, BUDDY! I really wanted to hear what Harry was saying and Louis was kind of annoying me. Oops.

“You’ve looked after me, now I’m gonna look after you.” – Zayn on what he said to his mom when he bought her a house

aw crap, I’m gonna bawl in the theater at that part!

“And there literally hasn’t been one person that I haven’t played that to that hasn’t cried. We had security guys who are like 400 pounds and they were going around with tears rolling down their faces.” – Niall

“All of them crying. An army of tears.” – Louis

“There’s a guy in the corner going 350.” – Harry

-insert Niall laugh here-

“I’ve Now Become A Florist” – Niall 0


They throw book shade and it’s glorious

Then they talk about the perfume and how many meetings they were in and how involved they were in the process (pfffftttttt)

and Niall says “I’ve now become a florist”

I love it! For the love of God someone write an AU where Niall is a florist and one of the boys come in constantly because they always need flowers for their s/o because they keep screwing up or just because they’re romantic idk but please please write this.


“Has Your Management Fucked You Over?” – Louis 0

Idk, Louis, have they? 😉


(Sorry, I tried to embed the link like a thousand times and it didn’t work)

When Harry and the boys do the little Nsync hand motion I died y’all. “Oh, I don’t really want t–” and then he does it lol.

This little snippet was a gold mine of Modest! shade, y’all.

The interviewer informs them that they’re on the fast-track of being the first billion-dollar boyband and the shade they throw in response and all the looking over at Modest is just brilliant.

“Has your Management fucked you over?” and Louis’ accent while he says it I almost cried it was so perfect.

And then they talk about Simon being a dad.

Ngl, Louis’ Tourettes comment pissed me off. Louiiiiiiiiiiisssssss that’s not cool!


Pics from here


“said he’s neither gay nor bisexual” I’M SORRY BUT CAN YOU READ? HE JUST SAID BI!


“pretty sure” he’s straight” lol WHAT? He said he’s not bi not straight!

God this bullshit is just ridiculous. Everyone just keeps digging them into a bigger and bigger hole and it’s so frustrating! I mean, it’s completely expected that they’d make this leap considering all of the Directioners equated him saying he wasn’t bi to he wasn’t gay, but still, it’s such bullshit because the average person who didn’t read the GQ article will think he said he wasn’t gay and excuse me for not wanting to deal with even more naysayers.

I’m so sick of all this bullshit, y’all, and the worst part about it is we still have two more years to go. I feel like jumping off my roof some days…

Why Confirmations Of Larry Should Mean Absolutely Nothing To Anyone 1

oMg GuYs PaUl CoNfIrMeD lArRy


No he fucking did not. Last I heard repeating a word someone says is NOT a “confirmation” of anything.

This is why I fucking hate Larry shippers probably more than I hate anyone else on the planet.

All your selfish, insecure questions do is make it harder for EVERYONE surrounding the boys, including the boys themselves, to be content and comfortable in their lives and not have to continue with this stupid fucking charade of not being friends.

If you BELIEVE they’re together, you don’t have this obsessive, insecure, OBNOXIOUS, rude, INVASIVE, crazy need to CONSTANTLY ask EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO EVER BREATHED THE BOYS’ AIR FOR FIVE SECONDS if Larry is real.

It’s fucking real even if Paul and Josh and Sandy and Jon and Dan and Niall and Michael and Calum and Zayn and Liam and Luke and Ashton and Caroline (the make up artist) and Lou and Tom and Alberto and MJarvis and Cal and Anne and Robin and Gemma and Dusty and Jay and Dan and Mark and Lottie and Fizzy and Phoebe and Daisy and Ted and Eleanor the Hamster and Eleanor Calder and for fuck’s sake even Harry and Louis themselves say “it’s not real, we’re not together”.

If you need to have confirmation/proof they’re together then you OBVIOUSLY don’t BELIEVE they are and you need to kindly get the fuck out because you’re not the kind of person Harry and Louis need as their lighthouse.

It’s real




Even if, God forbid, HARRY AND LOUIS NEVER COME OUT, it’s still gonna be fucking real.

It was real the first day they saw each other on the stairs.

It was real when they met in the bathroom.

It was real at “oops!” and “hi”.

It was real when Harry had his hands on Louis’ shoulders right before Simon/co eliminated them (caught on camera by Dermot woohoo).

It was real when Louis jumped into Harry’s arms.

It was real with every single tattoo Harry and Louis have ever gotten for their love.


So for the love of fucking God STOP ASKING EVERYONE ABOUT IT because their answers aren’t going to change a single fucking thing for anyone, least of all Harry and Louis!



I just wept. Like, I’m not even kidding I started sobbing. This is his dream, you guys, his freaking dream in life. His love, as he said. Watching him get ready, and be so nervous, but just so ready for it. Oh my god. And then getting to watch him play. AND HARRY CHEERING. And Liam and Niall making fun of the fan girls was the best thing. AND THE LARRY HUG. You guys I LOST IT at the Larry hug. I started BAWLING. I remember seeing that video and hearing those fan reports about the hug and just crying because it was after such a horrible time with #BraveryDay and everything and Eleanor was there, but they didn’t even make any mention of her or show her at all! It was 100% LOUIS’ DAY! I couldn’t be more happy about it!

NIALL FEELS! LOL HARRY SCREAMING AT THE CAKE FIGHT I’M SO IN LOVE! “Kitchen staff give us a wave! Kitchen staff give us a wave!” OH MY GOD YOU ANGEL OF LIGHT. PUTTING THE GLASSES ON THE CAMERA OH MY GOD. “When there’s none of them in here we trash it.” OH MY GOD.

Fuck. Holy shit. Josh. JOSH. jOsH good LORD! But I really, really love this bts look at the band. They really are SO important to 1D and it would be awful if they weren’t on tour with them anymore. It’s weird to think they’re, like, contracted “players”. They’re not actually PART of 1D. Well, they are, but I mean, like, they could easily be replaced skill-wise and I’m so, so glad they’re the group of guys getting to go all over everywhere with the boys. They seem like really good people. RETALIATE WITH BANANAS OH MY GOD EVERY MEMBER OF THIS BAND IS JUST SO WEIRD AND PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER I’M CRYING!





omg Niall and Louis laughing at Harry’s failed little pop up LOL more than every that little Minions thing is the perfect example of the two of them. “Same, same” OH MY GOD ZAYNERRRRRRRRR!







faint feels flail

I’m not quite sure if this is all BTS stuff from This Is Us or not, but I LOVE it!


2 Excerpts Of L.Z. Catalina’s untitled #SpratlindishNovel 0


Derek breaths in the scent of sweat, and weed, and stale, warm beer, and he tries not to get jostled by the crowd dancing around him as they drunkenly bop their heads along to the beginning beats of “Look After You”.

Seth, his best friend since middle school, pushes a warm cup of flat beer into his hand and he downs it in three gulps before tossing the cup to the floor and kicking it away from him as hard as he can. Since he’s only eighteen it would be really bad if a cop saw him getting as sloshed as he was.

Seth curls a hand around the back of his neck, teasing at the curls near his skin. He leans his whole weight on Derek and breaths whiskey-breath into his ear, hot and sticky and making him shiver. “Der, Der, this is your song, this is your song.”

Derek nods along with a grin, because, yeah, this is his song. This has been his song for years, ever since he put a shaky cover of it on Youtube when he was fifteen and wanted people’s honest opinions. A few were nice, but it still wasn’t enough to make him feel like he was worth anything. He doesn’t feel like his voice is good enough for something like this though, like Isaac Slade belting out these lyrics with thousands of people in the audience. He wants to be though.

“Derek, you’re so good, you’re so goooood,” Seth slurs, catching some spit in the pit of his ear.

Derek shrugs him off and wipes out his ear, both disgusted and trying to push away the memories of when Seth used to whimper that when they were twelve and thirteen and still learning about their bodies. He blushes and thanks the gods that Seth can’t see it.

And Derek fights off memories of twelve-year-old Seth and thirteen-year-old Louis whimpering that in his bed late at night, all sweaty and shaky under the covers, with a turned-up fan blasting to cover their noises incase his parents were still awake. He remembers going to his first metal concert—with Seth—and how they smoked a joint off some guy and got blazed, also for the first time, and kissed and kissed and kissed—the memories are hazy now and he’d like to keep them that way, so he reaches for Seth’s warm beer and slugs it down in gigantic gulps. When he’s through he throws the cup to the ground and kicks it away from them are hard as he can. It’ll suck if a cop catches them.

He ducks out of Seth’s reach and shakes his head as obviously as he can to be understood under the pulsing music. “Not good enough,” he mouths.

Seth just rolls his eyes and pitches forward, grabbing him and getting sweat all over him and his face. “Breakout Star is having auditions here, you should try out again.” He yells the words so loud that Derek thinks his ears might be ringing, but he shakes his head again.


That was far too scary. They did that last year; packed paper bag lunches from his mother, with apples, and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and juice boxes, and cutesy notes where they slept for an hour and then jumped around in their sleeping bags for ten, and snagged a beer off a group of older kids in line wearing far too much eyeliner and leather. And then he got rejected in the very first panel, which was a crushing blow to his confidence, but also kind of nice because then he didn’t have to humiliate himself on live TV and that was always good.

It was cruel to expose someone’s soft underbelly like that, exploit their hopes and dreams for the cameras, tell them they’re good enough until they believe that someone might finally validate the reason they breathe, only to be cut down and told it was all for a laugh, all so the world would mock you and take everything you loved and ruin it. So yes, he was very glad they’d rejected him at the start and he’s never going to attempt to reach his dreams ever again.

Yes, he would give anything, anything, anything to be up on that stage and singing with his whole entire soul in his throat like Isaac, but he isn’t Isaac and he isn’t willing to let himself be stripped bare like that again. It’s too scary and he’s way too insecure.

“Der – rek that’s your soooong,” Seth slurs again.

“Yeah, babe, I know, it’s totally wicked.”

“You should sing for the world.” Seth looks up at the stage once, startled or hyper, he’s not sure. “You should go up there! You should sing with Isaac.”

Derek instantly shakes his head. “You’re drunk, babe.”

“’Snot the point though. You’re good enough to sell – sell – out – slout – slo – sell out Erins – arenas – around the world. You’re Derek Cavendish, Derek.”

“Yeah, I know, buddy, thanks.”

“Humboldt, how are you guys doing out there?” Isaac yells.

The crowd screams and Derek whoops along with them, pulled along like an undertow, buoyed by the crowd’s excitement and drunkenness. He loves being in atmospheres like this, where so many people are united for a common thing, and The Fray is his favorite band so it’s even better.

“I just wanted to dedicate this next song to all the dreamers out there, all the lonely, broken people looking for a way to achieve their dreams, all the people who think they aren’t worth it, or will never find love, or whatever is holding you back from your true happiness. You deserve every bit of it. Every one of you and that’s a promise.”

Derek isn’t sure if it’s the fact that he’s fairly certain he’s drunk, or if it’s the rush of the crowd flowing through his veins, making them buzz and his head vibrate, or the fact that he can hear his heart pounding in every part of his body like he has more than one, or maybe even that he’s always been someone who tends to think introspectively and deeply about situations, especially if they’re set to the music that he loves—whatever it is, Isaac’s words have Derek blinking back tears.

This is the kind of music he wants to make, if he ever got the chance. He wants to know that his words, his voice, can change someone’s life, can save them. The fact that the very breaths that come out of his lungs could ever be so powerful as to stop someone from harming themselves in whatever way was a possibility still blew his mind, but it was an opportunity that he craved like nothing before.

He thinks of all the bands, of Isaac, whose music kept him from some truly dangerous decisions, whose words pulled him from the edges of darkness and back into the light and he wants that, he wants his life and his words and his existence to matter to someone, to everyone. It’s not even about being famous; he just wants to know he can save people like he’s been saved.

He thinks of Explosions In The Sky and the show he went to years ago, back when things were really dark and ugly for him, back when he was questioning himself and everyone around him and his validity as a human being on this planet, and how music without words, just feelings, lots and lots of feelings, had stopped him from driving his car into a cement guardrail or off the nearest bridge.

He needed so badly to know he could be that salvation for someone else, not even just for himself, but to help other people. His mother always said that was his calling in life, and even though he was taking classes to become a counselor that wasn’t enough, he wanted to reach the world on a larger scale. If he was really honest with himself, he wanted to do that through music the way music helped him.

And then he hears it: a voice to his left, high and saturated with youth, but strong in a way he’s had yet to hear from anyone else in this crowd tonight. Most of the time he’s been wincing along with some tone-deaf crooner next to his elbow, but this voice, this was something different. Derek can tell it’s a male by his pitch and register, and he’d bet it was a young kid. When he tries to look, he sees nothing but a sea of black, littered with the blinding pops of camera flashes, like little stars exploding in space.

“Lost and insecure, you found me.”

It takes a second for the shock to wear off and then Derek is singing along at the top of his lungs, eyes closed, letting himself tune in completely to the voice of the boy he can’t see. It fades in and out like crackling static, and every once in a while gets knocked out of concentration when someone elbows him in stomach or hits right at his ribs, but mostly he just lets this kid’s voice wash over him like waves. It makes him feel warm and woozy, like actual waves at a beach. Then that makes him really have to pee.

He searches, futilely, for the melody in the sea of darkness. Derek hears this boy’s voice like a hum, weaving into his veins like a stitch. He fills up his lungs with air and belts out the harmony to this boy’s words, answering the call he hadn’t known previously existed to find someone else who could fill up the spaces between his breaths.

He tugs at his skin, wonders if he can see a name written there. His chest feels tight, heavy, and he takes a deep breath, and abruptly all the sound fades away. For a few, precious seconds he can hear just the two of them mixing in the air. He is deaf to Isaac, to the drums, and the guitar, and the bass, and the legions of screaming fans. It’s just him and this voice singing their hearts out, connecting on a level he’s never experienced in his eighteen-year-old life.

They sing “You found me, you found me, you found me,” in perfect, spell-binding harmony. Derek’s entire body trembles with something he can’t name. Maybe it’s just the alcohol, but he doesn’t think so. This doesn’t feel like just alcohol, this feels like . . . more.

When Isaac smoothly segues into “Happiness”, Derek feels like crying. In this moment, he’s never felt happier, and that isn’t just the alcohol talking, he knows it. So many things have gone wrong in his life in the last few years, and he feels hopeful now, like maybe things will turn out okay if he just keeps singing along to this song with this stranger.

He inches closer to the tightly-packed pod of people that seem to hold the mysterious voice. It keeps going in and out and he jolts each time as if dumped in an ice-cold pool in December or swimming in the English waters with his sister. In a rare moment of pride, Derek thinks his voice sounds good like this, wrapped up and intertwined with this stranger. He wants to keep singing until his lungs burst with the strain or his voice gives out completely and he can’t talk for days. He can’t remember ever feeling this passionate about singing, this on fire, and he suddenly wants to light up the whole world with this voice near him. He wants to hear them in stages all around the world, and maybe even blasting from space. He wonders if he sings loud enough, if Pluto could hear him, and that may be quite possibly the stupidest thing he’s ever thought, but fuck if he doesn’t try.

And all of a sudden Derek crashes into Seth, a trembling, happy mess, like an overexcited puppy, and they almost fall in their drunkenness, laughing and laughing and Derek wonders if he might’ve gotten a second-hand high from one of the stoners near the front. He lets the thought flicker across his brain like a spark and then it’s gone and he’s onto the real reason he got so hyped up. He shakes Seth until the bigger boy is trying to nod along, eyes rolling around like paint-covered marble in a shoebox and he’s chanting, “What, what, what?” as loud as he can in Derek’s face.

“I’m going to Breakout Star,” he shouts, feeling good with the admission.

Seth stops stock-still for a moment and Derek freezes too, paralyzed with something like liquid fear rushing through him like a dam breaking. He lets every insecurity he’s ever had flow through him, dragging him down and pulling him under and he opens his mouth to take it back, to claim that he was too drunk to mean it seriously, but then he hears the boy’s voice catch on “happiness” and his faith comes slamming back into him even stronger than before. He needs this, he wants this, and he has to have this because he’ll die—actually die— if he doesn’t get the chance to sing with someone who makes him feel so alive like tonight. He vows not to let fear and insecurity block that for him again. He doesn’t care what it takes to latch onto this conversation but he will, damn it, because this is his dream and he needs to remember that over everything else. So he pulls out his phone, wincing as the bright, iridescent light hurts his eyes, and sloppily texts everyone he can think of and says, in all caps so they know he’s serious (or really drunk, probably that): I’M AUDITIONING FOR BREAKOUT STAR AGAIN, but with a lot of missing letters and mix-ups and he’s not even sure that’s actually English, but he’s too drunk and wired to even care.

And then suddenly he has to pee like a racehorse and that takes all of his attention not to engage in water sports with his best friend in public—not that that’s a particular kink he’s even into in the first place—he’s basically game for anything other than feeling someone else’s pee on him.

He pushes his way to the bathroom, but it’s like fighting through vats of sludge or Jell-O, with all the hands reaching out to grab him like those creepy posters of Pulse that Seth dragged him to see on opening night. He’s not usually claustrophobic, but he’s wriggling through the breaks in bodies, pushing past sweaty limbs and underneath raised arms and clasped hands. Once he’s finally free, he trips into the hallway and down several corridors before he can find the bathroom. It’s packed with men and he goes for the only empty urinal there is, next to a kid a little shorter than him with blond hair. Derek refuses to look at him because it’s always inherently awkward to look someone in the eye after you’ve seen what their dick looks like, especially a stranger. Not that he was trying because he’s pretty sure that’s so not good bathroom etiquette but he’s drunk.

It gets really awkward when a rowdy group of teenagers come barging in, banging the door back onto the opposite wall and too-loud laughs filling up the empty spaces in the porcelain and granite room. One of the kids with a rat-tail and a snap-back knocks into the kid on his left, who wobbles and nearly crashes into Derek, and manages to flick pee onto his hand.

Derek bites back a yip and finds himself in front of the sink, dowsing his hand in hot water before he can even remember moving there. He scrubs and scrubs and scrubs until he’s afraid there might not actually be an epidermis left on his hand and gets three sheets of paper from the dispenser. He has this weird thing about wrapping each of his fingers individually in a towel and making sure the spaces between his fingers are dry before he will leave the bathroom. Most people he knew, like his mum, and Seth, and Lauren, didn’t care if the insides of their fingers were wet, but he does. It’s the only thing he is really OCD about.

Derek looks over to see the blond kid staring at him, shaking with silent laughter.

He leaves the bathroom in a huff, too drunk and tired and afraid to miss any more of The Fray to care about confronting someone whose pee splashed on him. Scrunching up his nose, Derek wipes his hands on his pants again, and checks his phone for the time. That’s when he spots the eleven missed calls from Lauren. Panic rushes through him, stinging his jaw with adrenaline. He tries not to see the images of his baby sisters’ lifeless bodies in the back of his eyes, but he can’t help it. He’s got a little bit of pure-o OCD when it comes to them.

Lauren’s never been the type of girlfriend to be clingy and needy and calling him every five seconds. That’s what he likes about her. Sometimes they can go days without talking with the understanding that they were individual people with their own lives before they started dating last year and it didn’t stop now. She gives him space to breathe. She never calls him obsessively like this, even when he’s supposed to call and doesn’t, she always calls once and leaves it up to him to reach out to her. With shaking fingers he manages to hit the right speed-dial button and presses the phone up to his ear. The shrill ringing makes his alcohol-infused head wince.

“Lauren, hey, is everything okay?”

“Have they played ‘Be Still’ yet?”

“No. Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, it’s fine, why?”

“Because—because you called me eleven times in a row and you never do that and I started freaking out thinking something was wrong with my mum and dad or the girls and I know you’re with them and I thought you were calling me to say that—”

“Babe, breathe. Breathe, okay? Everything is fine. I just wanted to make sure I wouldn’t miss the song.”

His frantically pounding heart leaves him breathless and a little weak-kneed. He sinks down to the floor, tugging on his hair, and sweeping the fringe out of his eyes. His head throbs as he tries to collect himself. “Wh-what did you do with them today?” Maybe hearing about his girls’ day will make him feel less frightened. The most gruesome images flash through his mind and he winces; Lilly and Macy, dead on the side of the road, twin blonde heads matted with dirt and blood. Stop. God.

“I played Candy Land with Mace and Lil. I let them cheat, like always. We ate ice cream and they stayed up five minutes past eight, too. They had great fun.”

He smiles fondly, almost wishing he could’ve been there for that. There’s nothing he loves more than his baby sisters. Nothing. “Thank you. You’re lovely.”

Lauren giggles and he can see her twirling her honey-blonde hair around on her finger and pulling her top lip between her teeth, like she’s done since they were seventeen. “Of course I am,” she says. “Why else would you use your girlfriend as a glorified babysitter while you and Sam got to go out and party all night long and listen to The Fray.”

He hears the edges of a pout in her voice and sees the bright pink spots of color flushed on her cheeks as clearly as if he’s right there too. “Are you stamping your foot right now?”

“Shut up, that’s not the point.”

“Are you?”

She sighs and Derek knows he’s won. “Yes.” He barks a laugh. “Shut up.”

“I didn’t say a word, I assure you.”

The blonde trails out of the bathroom behind the rowdy group and Derek gives him a curt head-nod as he focuses back in on Lauren’s words. “Have you talked to my mum and dad?”

She giggles. “Boy, you spend three weeks in England with Betsy and get all British on me again.”

“Sorry. Seth was teasing me about that earlier. I can’t help it though,” he whines. “It’s too easy to slip. Besides, I’ve always done everything my big sister did.”

“I know, I know.” The fondness is unmistakable in her voice and he feels a rush of love for her. “We called Jenna and Mike to say goodnight. As far I know they’re still planning on picking you two up.”

He groans. “Oh no. That’s not good.”

“Oh great. Why?”

“We’re really drunk. Well, Seth is off his face, I’m just kind of north of tipsy.”

“Sucks for you. Jenna’s gonna flip her shit.”

“Hey, be a little sensitive, please?”

“Nuh-uh, you break the law, you get no sympathy.”

“Ugh. Fine. You’re right.” That’s why they get along so well. She isn’t afraid to give him hell when he deserves it and he loves her for it. When he tells her as much, she just responds confidently and he laughs. Of course you do.

“Hey! By the way, I want to know if ‘Be Still’ has played. That’s why I even called, you nut.”

Derek clumsily shoves himself up off the floor, holding onto the window sill for support. He staggers towards the area where the stage was. Walking down the empty corridors kind of creep him out because they’re dark and his senses are over-sensitive, alert for any possible danger. The hairs on his arms and the back of his neck stand up straight like he’s been electrocuted, when he hears that voice again. He picks up speed, change jangling in his pocket and Vans slapping against the concrete floor. In the whiplash of trying to figure out where the voice is coming from, Derek almost runs head-first into the opposite wall. He drops his phone with a yelp and watches it skid across the floor and comes to a stop against Seth’s foot.

“Dude, where the hell have you been? ‘Be Still’ is playing!”

He calls Lauren again when they get out into the thick of things, but before she can answer, he hears that voice again, and this time he’s not about to go home without figuring out who is inspiring him so deeply.

He passes the phone to a shocked Seth and heads into the sea of people. It’s a bit like playing Marco Polo; he’s still just as blind as if his eyes were closed, fighting against waves of people, and trying to catch the elusive voice is worse than being confined to a pool.

He realizes, after way too long, that he could just be hearing a ricochet and that voice could be anywhere in arena. He almost wants to cry, but he doesn’t. He does not cry. Okay, fine, even if he did, it was, like, a tiny sting of tears. Besides, he’s drunk or whatever.


He hears the voice in the parking lot, as he and Seth are being dragged to the car by his mother and Mike. She’s ranting a mile a minute about them being three sheets to the wind, on a class night, with cops all around them (not to mention they’re only eighteen). He stops, Vans skidding in the gravel. If his ears could’ve pricked up like a dog’s they might have. He listened carefully, very nearly vibrating out of his skin, until Mom honked the horn and he jumped about a foot, lost all concentration, and clambered his way into the backseat of the car, halfway on top of Seth the whole ride home.

“I’ve decided to audition for Breakout Star again.”

Mum stops mid-word and looks at him through the rear-view mirror. Her eyes are shiny, lit up from the glow of the lights in the car, but probably more from tears. She gives him a smile and for a minute he almost drowns in how proud she is of him. “That’s great, honey. I’m proud of you.” It tugs at his heart strings and puts a lump in his throat. He doesn’t often thank her enough for keeping his head above water, for being his best friend and confidante, but he should. She’s everything to him. “What changed your mind? Last I heard you were dead-set against it.”

He isn’t really sure how to share with her the impact that the simple sound of someone else’s voice had on him. He flounders for a few minutes, trying to find the words. Nothing seems worthy enough. It all sounds so plain and ordinary, when that was not at all how it was for him.

“I-I heard this guy singing, and he had this incredible voice, one of the best I’ve ever heard, and we harmonized . . . really well, actually. It just made me realize that’s what I want to do. I want to find someone whose voice fills up the spaces mine lack. I just . . . I want to find him. Or someone that sounds like him, at least. I just want a chance at doing what I love. Even if I get rejected, at least I’ll know I tried. And maybe I’m just drunk” – Mum makes a suspicious noise – “and it’s making me feel like everything is way more more than it is, but I just feel it. That’s all.”

He’s not conscious of Mum’s reply because he dozes off against the window. He comes alive again, slowly, like a spider spinning a web in the cold of a winter day, once Mike shakes him and Seth awake in their driveway. He allows his stepfather to guide them up to his bedroom on sluggish limbs and half-opened eyes. Mumbled thanks tumbles from his lips as he kicks off his pants and pulls off his shirt, already swaying towards his bed, like a drunken sailor. If he sees Lauren at all before he tumbles into bed next to Seth, he doesn’t remember it in the morning.

The last thought to fade from his brain like a puff of smoke is I want to find you.





“Hi, I’m Nathan Spratlin, and I’m from Camarillo.” Nate grins into the camera and tries not to let his nerves get the best of him. All around him, hundreds of thousands of people stand watching his interview, and in just a few months everyone in the United States will see him speaking. It’s nerve-wracking.

“You can see the mountains from my backyard, so it was like living on a postcard.” He giggles, knowing his best friend, Ben, will cut off his dick for such a line, but fuck him ‘cause it’s true.

“Why did you try out for Breakout Star?” the interviewer asks.

“I’m in a little garage band back home. People seemed to like us, and my mom is forever pushing me to do this, and it’s the first year I’ve been old enough, so . . . here I am.”

“Why do you think you have what it takes to be this year’s Breakout Star? What makes you different from everyone else?”

Nate pauses. How is he supposed to answer this question without sounding like a jerk? “I’m, um, I don’t. I think that’s what makes me different than everyone else. I’m not going into this thinking I’ll blow the judges away, sweep the competition, and come out on top. I’ve always hated the cocky people on here who said they expected to be number one right out of the gate.

“I mean, I’m sixteen, all I want to do is do my best, pray they like me, and work hard every single day to prove I can do this, that’s all I can do. Do I think I’m the next Breakout Star? I don’t know.” He turns a fond smile on his mother and cousin, Jack. “They do. They even made shirts.”

He cringes as the camera pans to the homemade “Nathan is the Breakout Star” shirts his mother, Wendy, had spent days making their whole family, much to Nate’s growing horror.

He tunes out the sound of the interviewer flirting with his mother and takes the time to scan the crowd. Any one of these people could be with him for the next four months and he has no idea who they are. That was a weird feeling, knowing his family in this competition was right here watching him.

Once the interviewer finishes being gross and inappropriate, he turns back to Nate with more questions.

Nate gets goose bumps and feels his face flush. Someone is staring at him, and not just passively looking through him like most of the faces here, actually staring at him. He can feel their eyes on him like an itchy tag and he scratches the back of his neck, voice faltering on an answer.

“Nate, you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah, I just . . . there’s someone staring at me.”

The interviewer chuckles and it makes Nate feel dumb. “Of course there is, there are two hundred thousand people out here today.”

Nate’s mouth goes dry as his head processes that number. He wants to faint. There is no way he will make it in. Oh God. No way at all. “No, that’s not what I—” He breaks off to scan the crowd frantically, clutching the seat of his stool so he doesn’t fall in his efforts.

Who was that?

“Nathan, darling, what’s wrong?” Mom asks, putting a comforting hand on his back. For once, that doesn’t help.

“Someone is staring at me and I’m trying to figure out who it is.”

“I’m afraid you’ll be here all day if you try that, honey.” She laughs gently.

Nate grits his teeth, but knows she’s right. There is no way he can figure out who it is; he just has to brush it off. “You’re right, I’m sorry.” He turns back to the interviewer, shakes out his hair, and sweeps it back from his face in a practiced movement.

“That’s quite a popular hairstyle now, isn’t it? Did you get it from Harry Styles?”

The comparison and question catches him so off-guard all he can do is stare at the camera for a few seconds, completely dumbstruck. “Um, I’m blond. And American. And it’s not curly. So no, I didn’t. Thanks for the comparison though.” Nate tries not to grimace, tries to keep his voice light and airy, tries not to think about how, if this gets aired, he’ll be forever sealed in America’s minds as “the blond Harry Styles”.

Being compared to one of the most famous boyband members on the planet isn’t a bad thing, but that was years ago. They’re all out and about and happy with their lives free of the pre-packaged display they were sold as for so many years, and the insinuation that he’s just another carbon copy teen singer definitely rubs him the wrong way.

He wants to make his mark on the world by himself, with meaningful, deep songs, pretty melodies, intense harmonies with the right person, and to know his music helped save people. That’s the only thing he wants in life: to know he can matter to people in the way that Harry Styles mattered to others in his prime.

All of which he tells to the camera, the interviewer, and the world. “My sister was a huge fan of them and she knew so many people whose lives they saved just by existing, by being the kind of guys who were brave, inspired girls to never give up on themselves, and fight for what they knew was right no matter how many people called them crazy for it. That’s the kind of artist I want to be. I want to know I can have that impact on people. I just want to matter. I can’t imagine the honor of knowing you mean so much to people you’ve never met.”

On his shoulder, his mom’s hand tightens; her manicured fingernails dig into his shirt. He isn’t surprised to see her in tears, but it’s embarrassing. “Oh my God, Mom, you don’t have to cry.”

“I can’t help it. It’s very sweet.”

Nate shrugs, but he feels jittery and nervous. His skin prickles. He scans the audience again, but still can’t see anyone standing out in the mass of faces.

“So, Nathan, with all that said: does this mean you would turn down the option to be put into a band if it came to that?”

“No, not at all. This is an incredible experience all around, and it can do so much to help me achieve my dreams. I wouldn’t say no to anything that allowed me to go further in the competition.”

“So you don’t have any aspirations to become the next One Direction?”

Nate laughs and grins at world. “No, not at the moment.” He briefly wonders if the interview is almost over. If this guy compares him to One Direction one more time, just because he is young, bright-eyed, and eager to make his mark on the world, he might actually cry on live TV.

Until it’s over, Nate can’t shake the feel of eyes on him.


“Poor kid. I feel bad for him, he looks so uncomfortable,” Seth says, pointing to the kid less than ten feet away.

“He’s kind of . . . cute, in a really young, boyish kinda way.” Lauren says this warily; as if she’s afraid Derek will be angry or jealous.

He surprises them all by agreeing. “He is. I-I mean he’s n-nervous and uncomfortable, not-not hot. Or whatever.”

Lauren just giggles at him, while Seth, a little to his left and out of Lauren’s eye line, gives him the side-eye. Derek’s cheeks turn bright pink and he peeks around the side of a much huskier middle-aged man to stare at the boy again. He’s very young; Derek wonders if he’s even sixteen yet. The boy has shaggy blond hair, green eyes, and dimples set in the soft baby fat of his face. Derek adjusts the beanie lower on his head and blinks shyly at the boy, feeling like he’s watching some rare creature from afar, make one wrong move and he could go bolting into the darkness. He’s afraid to breathe.

He sees the boy get restless and jittery and he starts to look around, like he’ looking for something. Derek feels even shyer. He hides behind the edge of the man’s yellow shirt, afraid of making eye contact with the boy and he’s not sure why. Those eyes come close to his once or twice and each time his hands get clammy and his heart picks up speed. What is wrong with him? He’s eighteen years old and this kid can’t be over sixteen, if that; but he’s afraid nonetheless, very afraid.



Snix: Wow. That’s intense. How and when did you come up with this idea?

Catalina: Well, it started out as an idea for National Novel Writing Month. I do it every year but this time I wanted to do something really different and outside my comfort zone. I’m a little bit nervous about the reception since I haven’t edited literally any part of this since November. It could be complete crap.

Snix: Tell me about the style and tense of this versus other, more normal styles?

Catalina: I really, really love present tense. I’ve read so much of that this summer in fanfictions that anything else just seems weird to me, you know? I feel like it flows much better the way it is now. It’s easier to write it this way too. My only issue when writing it was how to figure out punctuation in a style that flows without it. I’ll have to go back and add in so much more now that I’m actually allowed to edit it.

Snix: You mentioned fanfics. Are there any in particular that influenced you while writing this?

Catalina: Not story-wise, but stylistically, yes. The only ones I can think of off the top of my head are These Inconvenient FireworksThings Have Gotten Closer To The Sun, Through The Darkest Of Yours Days, Undressed, and We Are All Illuminated. Specifically after reading WAAI I finally started writing bits and pieces of this novel, which is why most of my drabbles mention painting. I’d had the idea in my head to do a novel like this for a long time, but I feel like with the subject matter it has, and the people it’s dedicated to it has to be perfect, you know? Maybe that’s pretentious, but it’s the truth.

Snix: Correct me if I’m wrong, but this seems a little…. familiar. Is it a fic-to-original sort of book?

Catalina: I love this question, actually. It’s not an E.L. James sort of situation at all. I can’t even–no. I don’t want to talk about that. We’d be here for days and days. No. It’s not. I think you’ll find very early on that while some things pay homage to a certain thing, it’s very much it’s own novel and Derek and Nathan are very much their own characters, as well as the rest of the people involved. I liked to mix and match personality traits because the “rules” that a certain guy can only do this or act like this or say this because everyone “knows” that’s how he is just really, really bothers me because no one knows anything. So I mixed and matched and I’m pretty proud of that. It made it fun. It’s funny because I know people will still make that comparison, just as they did with Catch My Breath by MJ O’Shea (Who, by the way, has a Twitter, so if you have any questions about that book’s references you should ask her there. She’s not going to lie to you and it’s not like she’s trying to pull the wool over your eyes. It’s still fiction, not fanfic, but it’s not like it’s not obvious where she got her inspiration, people.) It does have the certain thing mentioned in the novel, but never by name. It’s fiction layered in reality, how’s that?

Snix: That brings me to two excellent questions:

1) You mention a certain thing, does that means what I think it means?

Catalina: Very much so. That struggle is very much present in the novel as a “Look what was done before us” kind of way. It’s set sometime in the future, far enough ahead that this thing is now well-known and well-loved (as it will be in the future).

2) You mentioned Catch My Breath by MJ O’Shea. Was this novel at all inspired by that?

Catalina: It was inspired in that I had faith that people would read it once it was out (I hope), but I didn’t learn about that book until about a month before it came out, well after I started working on this novel for National Novel Writing Month and it took off from there. I’ve always loved forbidden romances. Stepsiblings being my favorite “forbidden”/taboo thing of all time. I blame LOST for that. CMB is a great novel written by a friend of mine and I love the story and universe she created–it’s funny because there’s a series very near and dear to my heart called the Tainted Perfection series by Marisa Gittinger and three of her main characters are named Danny, Katie, and Chelsey–so that’s just a fun little coincidence for me while I read CMB because three of her characters are named that too. Have you heard of that series by any chance, Snix?

Snix: You’re awful and I refuse to answer that question. I’m being cornered here.

Catalina: Oh come on, it’s a fair question!

Snix: I’m gonna go all Louis Tomlinson on you and say “No it wasn’t!” All I can say is I hope that series is successful as well.

Catalina: I do as well. But back to CMB — I am aware that comparisons will probably be made to real life as well as CMB, but my hope is that my novel will be remembered as my own novel and not something else.

Snix: You mentioned real life — how closely will this novel follow that?

Catalina: From the beginning it’s been very important to me to showcase for people unfamiliar with certain things that went on and are going on, depending on when this novel ever hits stores, my personal feelings on it and the personal feelings of all involved, as much as I can know them from an outside perspective. It’s very, very important to make sure the outside world knows what went on during this Reign Of Terror as I like to call it. I think it will be very difficult for some people to deal with because I am gonna go all-in and paint it exactly how it was for me and the rest of my brave family. I hope that it’ll be eye-opening and people will start to see that all is not clean-cut bubble-gum fun and roses. It’s serious, sometimes dangerous, heartbreaking and real. And no matter what we never gave up. Though I’m sure, with this website being what it is, you already know that.

Snix: I do and I appreciate what you’re doing and trying to accomplish. I hope it does make people think. Now for something completely different: Do you write with or without music? What are some of the things you have to have with or around you to write?

Catalina: I have to have music. I have to. I can’t write a single word without it, and it has to be the perfect sound to go along with whatever I’m writing or feeling. I don’t need peace and quiet as long as I have headphones and can listen to music as I write. I go to Starbucks for their chai tea lattes at least twice a week even though I have a bottle of the exact concentrate they use in store in my fridge at home. It just tastes better. Oops.

Snix: If given the choice would you rather have this be a movie or a TV show?

Catalina: Movie because TV shows have to stay fresh and dramatic for their audiences which makes ample room for them to screw with the source material. Sometimes that’s a good thing, other times it’s horrendous.

Snix: Why did you choose to have Derek be half-British, or have family members who live “across the pond”?

Catalina: Honestly? Because I just love British words and phrases. They have so many more words for things than we do. Also, because I read so much of them in my daily life on Twitter that sometimes I even struggle to remember what the American version of a word would be. Like, during a vacation to the beach with my family, I kept using the word “lovebite” instead of hickey and my oldest-younger cousin threatened to drown me in the ocean every time. Also, I think it is true to an extent that European guys are slightly more comfortable being emotional or tactile with their friends than American guys. Not to the extent, of course, that that would be the soul reason two guys who have a very “suspicious relationship” would act that way, because that’s certainly not true, at least for some. The excuse “They’re just British/European” gets thrown around far too often to mask the truth. If you know what I mean…

Snix: Of course and I completely agree. So, is this book the last we’ll see of these characters or is there more to come?

Catalina: You know, I’m not actually sure. It depends on where I feel like going with the story, if I feel like summarizing a lot of events so I can time-jump, or slow down and show everything, which would require multiple books. There’s, I feel, at least 10 years worth of story to tell if I wanted to, so we’ll see how I feel after this is done.




L.Z. Catalina’s #SpratlindishNovel rambles! 1

Hi, this is Catalina! I figured y’all might wanna see a bit of this story (tentatively untitled #SpratlindishNovel for now until I think of something grandiose/pretentious enough for my liking oops) before I post the excerpt (whenever I get 20 followers, oops). I’m really, really proud of this story, and of all the ones I’ve ever done I feel like this is the most important one, not only for the ignorant public, but for my fellow #Bravehearts as well (Marisa came up with that name and I just love it, don’t y’all?). I hope y’all like it!

Pretty much the #1 unwritten rule of NaNoWrimo is never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever delete or edit until the clock strikes midnight, and keep writing no matter what. So I did those things. Meaning none of this has been edited whatsoever since I wrote it in November, sorry. And this book most of all was an exercise in style so bear with me on the lack of punctuation and run-on sentences, that was the whole point for me during NaNo, but it WILL get cleaned up. The whole book isn’t like this, these were just my pre-write rambles of going with the flow and seeing where their story took me, even if the words and sentences I wrote made absolutely no sense whatsoever at the time. So don’t judge me too harshly, ok? Here you go! -hides face-



paint like bleeding wounds stretched into smoke against your eyelids


That’s the thing about them, and Derek thinks he should’ve seen it the moment their eyes first connected, but maybe that’s the point of it all, that their beginning was really their end and the end the beginning and they burned up, up, up like smoke and fire and the hottest of blazes and coldest of ices all at once and that’s how it always was with them: everything and anything all at once; every emotion, feeling, at once, at once, at once. Nate’s love is like a hurricane and Derek’s is like a supernova, and their anger is like a tsunami, and their sadness like a tornado, and their joy like an earthquake, and they don’t know how to stop. So they tangle and twist and shoot upwards into the sky like fireworks, racing towards the end, but still beautiful even as they’re sparking and falling apart beneath their hands, like toasted parchment against lips and Derek is falling too fast and his hands can’t grip and he shuts his eyes against the approaching ground because sooner or later everything will just—




But this is only the beginning and he can’t think of that now.


And Derek doesn’t know his name yet, but he knows their story, or he thinks he does, and he can’t wait to get started, so he jumps into the fray and thinks now, now, now and yes, yes, yes and maybe they’re silly little kids painting trees and suns for the first time, and maybe they’re just-out-of-college and living off Ramen and weak coffee and cigarettes, and maybe they’ll burn each other up and out, too fast and bright and brilliant in their love and they’ll drag each other down in the worst ways with drugs and alcohol and tearful screaming fights and maybe, maybe, maybe bruises against cheeks. They’ll go out in a shower of sparks and fire and smoke and ash, or maybe they’ll burn up and leave nothing, nothing, nothing behind because they’re derekandnathan, nathanandderek and they’ve never been the type to do things halfway and the end is just the same as the beginning: too much, and all at once, and not enough, and here, now, right now.




maybe their story starts right here and never ends and Derek thinks, finally, I’ve found you.


Derek thinks Nate is art of the most beautiful kind and he wants to take brushes to his skin, painting across the dip in his hip, and over the curve of his shoulder, brushing pink and yellow across his lips and then kissing them clean and smearing his hands with pastels and marking his granite statue with pinks and greens and blues and yellows until he’s human again, and then rinse clean under the water of a too-tepid shower for anything faster than quick, quick, quick, and cold, cold, cold and races to the heat of the bed and the mountain of blankets and pressing knees into the mattress and making scuff marks on the floor and watching the sun come up through the filter of straw-colored hair. He wants to paint the world on Nate’s skin and crawl inside his bones and live there but it’s warm out here and he’s in love and that’s just fine.

Nate is beautiful in a way that Derek has never seen before in his twenty-two-year-old life and he wants to paint him in to corners and out of them and all over his skin, with brushes like some type of washed-up, miserable, just-out-of-college kid who lives off Ramen and coffee-colored-water and thinks he’s going somewhere but doesn’t have the guts to admit he’s not because it’s his dream, damn it




like a gleeful child of five with sticky fingers dripping with blue, and red, and yellow, the primary colors where they first learn about blending and the proper way of telling a story through art and the rules, always the rules, and Derek knows he’s never been good at following them, of doing what everyone else expected of him, or wanted of him, or told him was right and he knows, he knows, that applies to Nate too because, fuck, if they aren’t breaking all the rules every time they breathe each other’s air and sometimes it hurts and sometimes it’s enough, and too much, and not enough, but it’s everything they want all the same, so they leave it for another day when the sadness and the pity and the fear just make them burst with it, their anger ringing off walls, and ripping through paintings but there’s so much joy there, so much love, love, love and peace, peace, peace and mine, mine, mine and yours, yours, yours that it makes everything worth it and fuck it all if he didn’t know this the first time he saw him.

Today is The O.C.’s 10th Anniversary And I’m Having FEELS 0



nopeoctopus wot


This was my show.

Like, you think I’m obsessed with One Direction, or Larry, or The Vampire Diaries —

I learned obsession through The O.C.

Best show ever.

I watched the pilot on vacation in Mexico the night it aired with my family and never missed an episode until it ended. I can’t believe it’s been 10 YEARS since then! My life just flashed before my eyes! And yes, yes, I am crying. 🙁

I still remember exactly where I was, what I was eating, what I was wearing, who I was with when I watched the pilot all those years ago. I was on vacation in Mexico with my family, I’d just turned 13 two months before, and we’d all seen ads for The O.C. on TV and we were excited to watch it. It was a fluke that we all ended up together that night anyway because we’d gotten separated the night before and just by chance happened to find each other at a hotel. It was a miracle.

So we ended up watching it that night while eating Domino’s pepperoni pizza (it was disgusting) and soda. I remember lying next to my mom and my cousin Ashley, with my cousin Mason on the other bed, and we (well, I) were just captivated by this show. It was the very first show I ever watched that wasn’t a cartoon or a nature show (I grew up with my grandparents, which was kind of like living in the 50s I’ve been told), so it kind of blew my mind. To this day I can still recite whole scenes from the Pilot.

“Who are you?”
“Whoever you want me to be.”






Seth Cohen was the ORIGINAL Stiles Stilinski, y’all, and it makes me SO SAD that there’s a generation of kids who will never know that a character like this existed before Stiles and all the other “comic relief” characters. I mean, NO “funny”/sidekick character beats Seth Cohen. NONE.


This was the true Core Four, you guys! Every show after this that’s had that just cannot compare.


And the music, THE MUSIC!

The O.C. (and then One Tree Hill) STARTED the trend of having indie songs in TV episodes. Every other show after that like Teen Wolf and such is just a copy cat (which is good, don’t get me wrong, I love discovering music through TV shows) (like Gossip Girl esp. b/c it was created by the people who did The O.C.). That’s where my current music taste comes from, actually. I was introduced to SO many bands through the show.

This is also why every time I get to the point in Louis and Harry’s twitcam and they start singing California here we come… I start sobbing.


Seth and Ryan’s bromance!

Literally no other show has done bromance as well as Seth and Ryan “Ryan, when are we gonna have a little Seth-Ryan Time?”. Not Scott and Stiles, not Luke and Nathan, not anyone. Seth and Ryan WERE the original bromance and they were perfect as brothers. My absolute favorites. Gaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!

It had drama, beautiful romance, people you actually liked and hated and still, somehow, it made you root for them all (except Volcheck, I wish he’d died in a fire). And it had heart–God, did it have heart. Ryan Atwood is one of the best characters of all time. And great music, and family in a way that no show since really ever has, and the adults story lines were incorporated into the show right alongside the kid’s story lines, and no show has done that since, I don’t think. It truly was a show teens could watch with their parents because it had something for everyone. Not a lot of shows are like that now and it makes me sad.

Honestly, of my “Top 3” shows this is #1, FNL is #2 (or 1, I can never decide because it’s just that good), and LOST is #3.

If you HAVEN’T ever seen The O.C. for the love of God stop what you’re doing right now and go find it on Netflix or online. You won’t be disappointed, it’s brilliant.



“You know what I like about rich kids?”http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lhy5l9Rif51qzcn9e.gif



Sandy: Since the minute you were born, I knew I would never take another easy breath without knowing that you were all right.
Seth: So I’m like asthma?

I mean, come on, that’s hilarious!

I mean, you guys, for real. Just please, please watch it. If you ever do me any favors (besides following @SnarkySweetGoss on Twitter so I can get a job…) let this be that favor! WATCH IT!

Modest Greenlighting A Documentary On Larry Stylinson Believers And It’s NOT A Good Thing! 0


harry styles louis tomlinson

Channel 4 is to air a documentary examining the recent One Direction phenomena and it has been reported that the programme will look into some of fan’s favourite fantasies, beliefs and obsessions with the band.

Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson shot to fame three years ago on The X Factor and have went on to become known all around the world. They’ve broken sales records, sold out stadiums and built up one of the most fanatical and dedicated fan bases ever seen.

Directioners have formed many communities within their group and the new one off programme will examine those who have “gay fantasies” about the group, particularly those known as ‘Larry Shippers’ who believe that Harry and Louis are embroiled in a secret gay romance.

The special will even cover the singer’s willy sizes and also the huge amount of death threats and abuse levelled at them online.

The Cutting Edge special is titled ‘Crazy About One Direction’ and is set to air on August 15 and it’s been confirmed that it will cover “death threats, gay fantasies and even One Direction’s willy sizes”.

Director Daisy Asquith added: “This film will offer a fascinating insight into a new kind of idol worship. Social media communities connect millions of fans in a way that was never possible before. It’s the ‘Narnia’ that is their online fandom.”

Channel 4 Commissioning Editor Emma Cooper said:

“It’s brilliant to have Daisy Asquith involved who I know will make a young and joyful documentary that will give a voice to the millions of the 1D fans who love and follow them obsessively.”

Are you kidding me? Seriously? For real? THAT’S NOT OBVIOUS AT ALL, MODEST!

Please Follow Me On Twitter To Help Me Get A Job :) 0


This is kind of awkward.

I know a lot of you, probably the majority of you, are seeing this from a link through my Larry Twitter (yes, we are the same person, for those of you who didn’t know that — I like to talk to myself on all three of my accounts sometimes so I can feel more loved haha ignore how pathetic that is, please)


I need you guys to do me a MASSIVE favor

Can you PRETTY PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP (and maybe some super smutty oneshots) follow

@SnarkySweetGoss on Twitter?


I’m not just asking just to ask

I want to apply for a job at my campus newspaper/online magazine this year and part of that is needing to show that I can build/have built a sizeable online following (that sounds so weird…)

But I know a TON of you were RTing/Favoriting/tweeting me and saying how much you loved my Eleanor article so “I KNOW YOU’RE OUT THERE!” (sorry, that reminded me of a TV show but I can’t remember which one atm oops ignore my 4:45AM rambling please).

Because as much as I’d love for this website, my novels, and all my Twitters to be my sole source of income and employment for my entire life, that isn’t realistically possible, and because once I graduate college this year or next December I have to have, like, three internships and job experience (none of which I actually have oops I’m absolutely fucked for life) I HAVE to at least prove I can do THIS, you know?

So please, please, please, please, whines follow Snix on Twitter so I can show my university I can do this?

Please and thank you

Por favor y gracias

Bitte und danke


Ok bye now. I’m done being awkward for tonight.


Media So Desperate For Harry To Be A Straight Manwhore They Pair Him With His Sister 0

Sorry if all the gifs crash your computer but REALLY!?!?!?

Also, I know I’m waay late to the party on this one, but GOOD LORD!


I wish I could say this was even the first time any journo has done this, but I can’t even do that. They “mistake” Gemma for a “sexy blonde” (well she is hot) Harry’s screwing allllll the time!


bull2 fuckthisshit  kingsleysaysstfu Management octopi ohnoyoudidnt paulwesleyisjudgingyou sickofthisshit toostupidtolive unsureofwhatyoutriedtoaccomplish whatthefuckareyoudoing wot

Soccer Players React Cruelly And Disgustingly To Louis Tomlinson Joining Donny Rovers 0

Embedded image permalink


ew gross


One player even said he hoped Louis didn’t rape him in the locker room now. Like, are you kidding me?????? And then continued to say ugly things once people started attacking him. It was really, really gross.

So, I WAS going to post all of the really horrible shit all the soccer players were saying but nope that’s not happening. I feel really bad for Niall because he follows them and now he gets to see what awful people they actually are. Sucks to suck.


These two apologized and then the absolute motherfucking psychotic Directioners came POURING in all our mentions and poor Ollie there was going crazy from it. He later tweeted that he was sorry and that he didn’t give a shit whether Louis was gay or not and he liked that he was doing that for charity.


This guy is my favorite person. He’s SO nice and he’s gay and he loves Larry. He’s not a football player though. But he made me smile. 🙂


And look what’s in his photos?



So, that’s what you missed today, for anyone who wasn’t glued to the computer standing up for Louis all day like I was (whether it was my place to do so or not). Not to make it sound like people were WEREN’T should’ve been. It was really just a fluke that I happened to catch all of this anyway.

OH! I also had someone ACTUALLY said to me “IF LOUIS WAS GAY HE WOULD COME OUT! IT’S 2013!” I pointed her to every fucking Directioner going PSYCHO, including herself, and told her that was exactly why he couldn’t. She refused to see and eventually I blocked her because she was beyond help. I ended up blocking like 20 people today. Oops.

In Texas we have a slogan, “Don’t mess with Texas” in regards to littering and such. In my life I have a slogan, “Don’t fucking mess with Louis Tomlinson because I WILL defend him no matter what.”

Why Is It Crazy, Obsessive, And Unhealthy To Like A Boyband, But Sports Fans Are Normal? 0

Sports fans have memorabilia from shot glasses to toilet seat covers, wreaths, socks, underwear, condoms, backpacks, food, posters, jewelry, blankets, plates, trophies, jerseys, etc. with the players faces on them,to team colors EVERYWHERE on every possible thing. They riot, scream, cry, tailgate, get ridiculously drunk, laugh, love, set things on fire, and ACTUALLY, SERIOUSLY, LEGITIMATELY KILL PEOPLE over “team wars”.
Why is that more sensible than loving a boy band? Than crying over them, blogging about them, tweeting about them, and loving them so much it physically hurts and more often than not ends in tears?


I’m not going to run over someone just because they think 1D sucks or Larry aren’t gay–but I will slap a bitch b/c I can’t tolerate that level of ignorance in my face ;)–not like the Miami fan who RAN OVER AND ALMOST KILLED a Spurs fan this year as he was innocently biking down the street.


HOW is that ANY less “dangerous and problematic” than the people who have to take MEDICATION to control how upset they get over games, or people who KILL over it, or set fires, or riot? How is not okay to put up posters, wear t-shirts, use notebooks, pens, bedding, tooth brushes, make up, clothes with a boyband member’s face (it is for 1D only b/c Management shouldn’t get a dime of money for the abuse and havoc they wreak) but it’s PERFECTLY FINE for ANYONE ELSE IN SOCIETY to do/display/wear ANY OF THOSE THINGS with players faces on them and no one judges you?


Human beings like things. That’s part of being human. Human beings LOVE things and OBSESS over them and spend RIDICULOUS amounts of hours talking about things they enjoy. THAT’S PART OF BEING HUMAN! So can we please, for the love of God, STOP acting like one thing is superior to the other?
The next person who tells me shit for loving 1D as much as I do is deleted from my life because I can’t actually handle the hypocrisy anymore.

And the bullshit starts rolling in… 0



After winning League One last season, Doncaster Rovers have been working hard to strengthen their squad for the challenges of the Championship. Ross Turnbull has come in from Chelsea, Marc de Val has arrived on a free transfer from Real Madrid and Louis Tomlinson has joined from One Direction. Yes, you did read that correctly.

Louis — who is apparently one of the members of the popular boy band not named Harry — is a Donny season ticket holder who used to be a ball boy at Keepmoat Stadium. After fulfilling his childhood dream of reciting bland pop melodies to arenas full of screaming girls, he is now fulfilling the childhood dream of signing for his beloved Rovers. The Guardian reports:

The 21-year-old, who was born in Doncaster but has never played higher than Sunday league football, has been given the No28 squad number for the 2013-14 season and is likely to appear for the team’s reserves after signing as a non-contract player in aid of Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice in Sheffield.

Before any prepubescent teen girls reading this fear that their favorite band is breaking up (and I understand prepubescent teen girls are a huge part of the DT demographic) it should be made clear that the signing is more of a charity publicity stunt than a drastic career change for the not-called-Harry singer.

A club spokesman said Tomlinson will train with Paul Dickov’s side and feature in club colors at some point this season, but a cursory glance at One Direction’s tour schedule (it’s in my bookmarks) shows he will be in the middle of a US tour when Doncaster’s season kicks off this weekend. He’ll then spend most of September and October entertaining our anitpodean friends in Australia and New Zealand.

It’s interesting that the popstar has been given the squad number 28. Doncaster owner John Ryan considers it to be “his number” after wearing it when he came on as a substitute during a 2003 Conference match, becoming the oldest player ever to feature for a professional British side at the age of 52.


Doncaster have announced the signing of One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson. But don’t fear One Directioners – he’s not done a Robbie.

In what appears to be a shameless publicity stunt for Sky Sports’ programme of visiting all 92 Football League clubs in one day ahead of the new season, it was announced that Tomlinson had signed as a non-contract player for the club.

Revealing the news live on air – with Tomlinson filmed signing a contract – the yellow ‘ticker tape’ of Sky Sports News announced – ‘One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson signs for Doncaster’ before adding ‘Tomlinson will remain with the band’.

Tomlinson hails from Doncaster and is known to be an avid fan – playing in a charity match wearing the shirt of the Championship side last year.

“I’ve been a massive Doncaster fan for a long time and growing up in Doncaster I’ve been to plenty of games at the Keepmoat,” he said today. “To be part of the club is incredible.”

He worked at Doncaster’s Keepmoat Stadium as a hospitality waiter before reaching fame after One Direction hit stardom on the ITV show ‘X Factor’.

He has been awarded the number 28 shirt for the 2013/14 season after signing a contract on the eve of the new Football League season, which kicks-off tomorrow with Sheffield United v Notts County.

Doncaster get their season underway on Saturday when they host Blackpool, although the chances of Tomlinson actually playing any part in that match are zero. However, he may play in a reserve game in September or October in aid of charity Bluebell Wood.

Doncaster manager Paul Dickov said: “He’d better get himself back over here. If he’s signed a contract he’s missed pre-season training already and he’s having a holiday in America so we’d better get him over pretty soon. It’s fantastic he’s a Doncaster supporter because first and foremost it raises the profile of the club. We can get him in September time to do a bit of training, get him involved in a reserve game and the proceeds of that will go to charity.”

(Tbh I thought this guy was speaking another freaking language at first, that’s how strong his accent was. I could barely understand him.)

Seriously, can Louis not just have ONE THING that’s HIS!? I’m so fucking mad!

“Not-Harry” — ARE YOU KIDDING ME? This is why I hate all of HJPR/M!M’s bullshit. They should’ve been promoing ALL the boys this entire time like they’ve been doing to Harry. I’m so sick of NO ONE getting respect in this band just because they’re a damn boyband. Are you serious? It’s ridiculous. Like, Louis fights so hard to get a little mediocre crumb of attention and it’s just disgusting that he can’t have this one thing without people being assholes about it because he’s “Not-Harry”.

Everyone outside the fandom ALWAYS complains, “What are they going to do to prove themselves in the real world?” or “What can they do besides sing shitty pop songs?” and now that Louis actually has something lined up people are being mean about it! The comments too! UGH! I mean, yeah, I get that this is more than likely honorary and that it probably was a PR stunt BUT STILL! Toddler Louis has dreamed of this! It’d just be nice if, FOR ONCE, someone other than Harry could get a little recognition by people outside of the fandom.



Doncaster Rovers have signed the One Direction singer Louis Tomlinson. The 21-year-old, who was born in Doncaster but has never played higher than Sunday league football, has been given the No28 squad number for the 2013-14 season and is likely to appear for the team’s reserves after signing as a non-contract player in aid of Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice in Sheffield.

Tomlinson told the Championship club’s website: “This has always been a childhood dream for me.” Tomlinson previously appeared for the club in a charity game in aid of Bluebell Wood Hospice. He added: “I feel very honoured to have been asked to sign for Rovers and being able to help both the club and the amazing charity Bluebell Wood is what it’s all about.”

A club spokesman said they hoped he would appear in Rovers colours and train with the Championship footballers “at some point this season” in aid of the charity.

Tomlinson is a season ticket holder and took part in a charity match at Doncaster’s Keepmoat Stadium last October. The club’s chairman, John Ryan, wore No28 when he became the oldest person to play for a professional football club in England, aged 52 years and 11 months.

He said: “I am honoured to let Louis play in my number to help raise money for the charity. I wore this in 2003 for my record beating appearance at Hereford and this is the first time I have allowed it to be used since but I felt this was a good cause.”

Claire Rintoul, chief executive of the hospice, said she was “thrilled and delighted” about the signing. “Being a local lad it’s great to see him giving back to the community and supporting our children with a shortened life expectancy,” she said. “He’s visited us now on more than one occasion and met some of our children and their families who are all so excited that he is championing our cause.

“Louis was shocked when he learnt that we only receive a tiny amount of statutory funding and have to raise over £3m ourselves, but it means so much to us and our children and families that he’s giving his time to help us raise money and awareness.”

As #28!!!!!!!! (No 17? 🙁 )

I’m so proud you guys! Little Toddler Louis DREAMED of this day! Oh my heart!

Why I Calmly And Rationally Despise Eleanor Calder 34

(It’s fine if you publish all or just some of this under the name SnarkySweetGossip.com, I won’t mind)

((Also, it took me FOUR HOURS to write and research this entire thing so it would be nice if you read it to the end considering I only wrote it because you tweeted me))

A British women’s weekly magazine Stylist saw my Eleanor rant right after she flipped off fans and they were concerned. They asked, “Why do you send tweets like this? Does it make you feel powerful?” And here’s my (very long) answer.


I do NOT send her hate. I do not EVER tag her in anything I say because my comments aren’t TO her. The ONLY thing I’ve EVER tweeted her was asking her very politely to tell her followers to stop starving themselves to look like her. I WOULD NEVER send her hate or mean things because it’s pointless.

No, I do not feel powerful. I don’t feel powerful when her mere existence causes me and my friends to get hundreds or thousands of death threats a day, month, year. The simple fact is that ever since Eleanor showed up out of the blue, hate has been swinging right and left. People tell others to kill, cut, hang, burn, drown, and self-immolate themselves like they’re saying ‘Hey, I like yours shoes’. It’s thoughtless, harmful, and disgusting. And the worst part is, people listen.

Most of this fandom is made up of 10-18 year old girls (now obviously, at 23, I skew higher, but know plenty of people in their 40s who love 1D) and they’re young, impressionable, and easily swayed by the voices of their peers–particularly hatred on the internet sent by a gray face, or an egg, or an icon with the face of your favorite idol. Now, obviously, that’s just a few examples, and hate can come from anywhere, even your own friends. The bottom line is that they’re young girls, most of which already struggle with self-harm, depression, and suicidal thoughts from bullies at school and, sadly, often at home too.

Now, as a teen who struggled with all of these things from bullies at school, I sought refuge on the internet and in fandom (LOST, to be exact) and writing novels. I can’t imagine what my life would be like if the place I came to feel safe and loved ended up just being another place people told me I wasn’t worthy of being alive. I don’t think I could’ve handled it. I barely survived as it was and it was only due to the incredible, loving, amazing, daily support from these friends, my family in a way, that I even had the strength to see things through to graduation day. None of these children deserve to have that happen to them. And certainly, for the love of God, not over a famous popstar’s girlfriend.

I’ll tell you calmly and rationally why I do not like Eleanor Calder and wish she would just fade back into obscurity (I’m more-or-less getting my wish because Winter Is Coming but I’d like it to be yesterday, thanks).

The undeniable, irrefutable facts of Eleanor Calder are this:



  • We know NOTHING about her other than her birthday
  • We’ve never heard her speak other than a few seconds-worth of video
  • She is rude to her own fans and regularly ignores them
  • She is a college student
  • She drinks Starbucks on 99% of her dates with her boyfriend
  • https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRPSllrp9FfKecJvmOonDC9ejWLiMfQWAk7_DXYQ-qXEQ4xDlqjuA
  • She regularly wears $2/3 thousand-dollar (or pound, as it were, since she’s British) clothes no girl without a job or rich parents should ever be able to afford
  • They look, 99% of the time, to be absolutely, heartbreakingly (not a word, but go with it) miserable with their significant other of over a year
  • https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcS4lsIJtw7QPVBljxzZkQB1RLxsbSbdjHw2X_siO5U5mbF6CHepjQ
  • She also cannot properly hold his hand after over a year of dating
  • A suspicious amount of their couple photos are Photoshopped.
  • https://encrypted-tbn2.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQzRCgKcTo04RodlJhj17s0k9pnfejtb71-3fCkqn746eiERhfr6Q
  • https://encrypted-tbn3.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTMG4QwQ1n6XUDHX2uqPOE1tSki1OWow0SDRjnSI7CSP-EBBjSF
  • (The top one is the real photo as you can see by the photographer’s watermark at the bottom)
  • https://encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTTF1xKT7O3moz8TMxATkTi2eFlGSAcwt_F3g2BUD-8gXZ_OTjO
    (Tell me this doesn’t look Photoshopped to you. Just try.)


((((Now to continue below with the reasons I don’t like her.))))



Her fans call themselves Calderics after her last name of Calder. I call them Calderdicks because 99% of the time they’ve sought me out, attacked me, told me to kill myself, questioned my sanity, my worth on this planet, and my brain activity — all over a pretty college student who wears nice clothes and dates a popstar.


I don’t seek them out and attack them for idolizing her. I think it’s stupid, and a waste of time, and they’re all brainless sheep for loving a girl who doesn’t give one absolute fuck about them, and who would rather Harry Styles, an actual member of the band they claim to love, die–like actually cease to exist on this planet–solely so Eleanor can take his place in the band and have Louis all to herself, but I don’t outright attack them for it. I do, however, defend myself when necessary–but that doesn’t include telling them to die–a fact they’re all too eager to put out there.


Eleanor herself encourages hate, as seen here, when Louis’ best friend Stan went on a rampage for two hours attacking fans. What did Eleanor say, instead of pleading with him to stop the thousands and thousands and thousands of death threats sent in both their names?


It’s making my day. Sorry, what? Girls are now harming themselves left and right and contemplating suicide, but it’s making you happy? For real? And no one sees what a problem this is? No one at all? Bueller? Bueller?

Eleanor’s Calderdicks starve themselves—like, actually, legitimately have pro-anorexic communities DEVOTED to starving themselves to look like her. Yes, I’m being serious. HERE AND HERE are just examples of that. What does she do, knowing legions of her fans are harming themselves to look exactly like the pretty student they adore? Why, she tells them to stop, of course! She makes a passionate plea to all the very young 5-18 year old girls who look up to her for some unfathomable reason and tells them that they’re strong, and beautiful, and worthy of love, and most of all: thigh gaps are genetic, and no matter how hard they work at it it’s most likely not possible. But that’s okay! she tells them, you don’t need to be as skinny as me! YOUR WORTH AS A HUMAN BEING IS NOT AND WILL NEVER BE CALCULATED BY HOW MUCH YOU WEIGH.


Obviously, if they’re that far descended into their disease that not even saying anything will help, that isn’t her responsibility to hold their hand until they do. But it damn sure is her responsibility to say something about it, whether it ends up making them stop or not. Whether she wanted her fansbase (and she clearly hates them) or not, she now is a role model (yuck) for young girls and there IS a responsibility to say something when people are harming themselves. I don’t care if you’re even a random person on the street, if someone is about to walk into a car or a train you do everything humanly freaking possible to help them. You DON’T just say ‘screw it, it’s not my responsibility, I don’t owe anyone anything, I never wanted this’. It. Does. Not. Work. That. Way. It just doesn’t.



In another article I made the statement that NO celebrity is responsible for your own choices, and that is true for things like mobbing them, camping out in front of their hotels/restaurants and generally being terrifying, driving/flying hours to see them. If it’s something like this where someone is self-harming or killing or threatening in your name. An average person wouldn’t let that stand so why should celebrities?

She even goes so far as to make fun of “fat” girls (which, really, she’s a great role model. her fans starve themselves, but yeah, let’s go make fun of “fat” girls!!!!!!!!!!). And no, it was not because of the dancing. Why? Because to get this particular video on Youtube you have to search “fat girl Notting Hill 2010” specifically. If you search “girl twerking” or “fat girl twerking” or even “fat girl Notting Hill” THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of videos come up before it. She knew what she was doing and it’s disgusting to me.

Last week, she flipped off fans who were yelling out how much they adored and loved her while on a public “shopping trip” with her boyfriend.


Now, mind you these girls and boys weren’t yelling for Louis, the actual famous person, they were yelling for Eleanor. No one was being rude (other than asking her and Louis to kiss for them), they were showering her with praise. Why would you flip off your adoring fans? They may be brainless sheep, but they love you (for some godforsaken reason I can’t understand), so why hurt them like that? Yes, I understand it must be hell to be mobbed like that, but understand something:

If they wanted the privacy and quiet they could’ve stayed in their hotel room. I know for a fact that if I was dating Louis Tomlinson and I hadn’t seen him in a few days/weeks because he’d been on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean touring with his bandmates, I wouldn’t even leave the bed. I just wouldn’t. Not for anything. Not for all the Yorkshire Tea in England (haha, seeeee what I did there?). No sane girl (or boy, because yes) would. There’s even every possibility that I would tie him to the bed (because we all know he’s into that, oops). I mean, have you seen Louis Tomlinson’s body?



HottestCouple  Love


(the glasses are Photoshopped because we miss 2010 Fringe Louis With Glasses)


(There’s even a Louis Tomlinson Fringe Withdrawal Support Group on Tumblr)


(his reaction Monday night when a fan flashed him)


(“It was like the most sexually-charged nose-graze in the history of noze-grazes” – Seth Cohen)

((if that is not the sexiest look you’ve ever seen I don’t know what to tell you because it is and you’re just wrong))

Wanna see it again? (of course you do)

((I’m whimpering. Help.))



(Sorry I get carried away by how pretty and beautiful and flawless he is) What’s that? Am I crying? What!? No! No, I’m not crying, there’s just an overabundance of FEELINGS SO MANY FEELINGS in my eye. I am not crying. I’m just not.)

So, yes, back to my point. No sane person in the whole entire world would give that up for any freaking reason on this entire planet and maybe in this entire galaxy and you’re absolutely nuts if you say you would. I don’t care who you are or what your gender is you would bang him like a screen door in a hurricane and I do not accept your lies as reality.

(sorry I’ll shut up about that now)

But the fact is, she did go out in public with him, and then she flipped off her adoring fans for it. Like an idiot. And I do not respect that. She would be no one without those two-million idiots who love her so much. In fact, I really, really don’t think anyone should even know her name. She’s “famous” for no reason. She isn’t a singer, dancer, actor, model, artist, political figure, doctor, nurse, or author. She’s just a college student who drinks Starbucks? Why does she get so much press and attention and adoration?


Ed Sheeran just revealed he just got out of a NINE MONTH relationship and no one had a CLUE, so ANY time Louis or Eleanor or any of their friends or fans try to say they want things to be public, but continue to parade around like this, you’ll know it’s crap. If they wanted their relationship private it would be private regardless of how big of a celebrity he may be.

And, finally, I won’t go into the fact that her existence has caused the most disgusting, hateful, horrifying, regressive homophobia in fans whose ages run from 3 to 23. This is 2013 and America is on its way, glacially slowly, into accepting homosexuality and it (homophobia) usually isn’t tolerated in “famous” figures, so why is it okay for many members of the media and her fanbase to encourage it? 11 of my Larry Stylinson family has died because of the hate her existence breeds, two of which committed suicide last night. I just want her to leave my family and friends and the boys I love alone.


This is why I stand by my original post: She’s classless, mean, disrespectful, and famous for doing absolutely nothing (but causing misery wherever she goes). After I’ve explained all of this, please tell me why I need to respect someone who so obviously does not respect other people, especially her fans? Why? Because she’s beautiful? Because you envy the life she has? Because she drinks Starbucks, wears pretty clothes, and dates a popstar? Because she’s a mean, tasteless, tactless, bully who doesn’t care that people are responsible for BULLYING OTHER PEOPLE TO DEATH in her name? Is that a good enough reason to respect someone? Hmmm? Is it? Would you respect anyone else in life who did these things? Would you?

Think about that.


Well, Now I Feel Really Bad For Ed 0


Harry Styles has admitted that he hates some of his tattoos.

The One Direction singer, 19, wishes he’d never got his pal Ed Sheeran to ink his arm with a tiny padlock, which some reckon looks more like a miniature handbag.

‘I regret this one on my wrist here. I regret this. I mean, these are just crap,’ Harry tells We Love Pop.

‘There are some that my friends have done and some that are just awful.’

Harry has had countless etchings scrawled on his his arms, ankles and chest since starting his collection with a small 5-point star design last year.

His favourite tattoo artist Freddy Negrete – who he often goes to see when 1D are in LA – recently revealed that Harry‘s now planning to get a huge design on his back.

‘He’s getting worried they’re all too front-heavy so it’s definitely his back we’ll be concentrating on,’ Freddy, 56, told the Daily Star.

‘The whole thing could take months.’

Noooooo, Harry, noooooo!


IF any of this is actually true, it makes me really really bad for Ed. 🙁

Groupies? Really? REALLY? 0


I can’t stop laughing.

Y’all. Come on. Come on.

Harry and Louis are married.

Zayn and Liam are dating.

That’s 4 out of the “groupie” line right there.

Niall and Josh are fucking. Or they might be cousins I really don’t get that part.

And 5SOS have Luke’s mom on tour with them. HIGHLY doubt they’re fucking “groupies” with their parents/security.

I remember last year when I was JUST getting into 1D (like, that week) all the rumors about Harry/Zayn/groupies exploded and I was SO depressed and upset and disappointed with Harry because I couldn’t believe he’d do that to Louis (I wasn’t at the full belief stage yet, that was a week later). And I’ve seen a lot of accounts saying how upset they are with the boys and how “knowing” this has changed their perception of them and blahblahblah.

Guys, COME ON! Harry JUST SAID he’s only slept with two people, WHY would he go out and fuck random fans? Zayn’s with Liam now, he doesn’t NEED to fuck random fans anymore because he has what he wants, 5SOS take pictures of each other’s asses and get excited about chocolate milk (stolen from Twitter, but it’s totally true).

Just stop. STOP finding reasons to reject EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT 1D (and 5SOS if you’re fangirls of them too) by buying into Management’s bullshit. Because as much as everyone likes to think we’re above their manipulations, it’s times like this where I see that is CLEARLY not the case if you guys are freaking out over this when you KNOW none of them are really like that!

Stop trusting random, lying bitches on the internet.

GQ Stuff About Harry For Lack Of A Better Title 0


Funny how Bunetta says this record is all about THEM and their real life, yet she (or whoever) says they want to find a girl who will love them for them when they have NO INTENTION OF BEING WITH WOMEN.

Wait, but what the fuck, why is Harry the only one with balls? Why are the rest all eunuchs? WHY? What does that even mean??????? (I know what it means I just don’t get what the hell he’s trying to say.)

“It’s also well-known, however, that Styles is fond of female companion”. What the fuck? BY WHO – THE MEDIA??? You ass!


“working his way through his fair share of pretty young things” Again, do you have ANY proof of that whatsoever? NO!

LOL funny that Morgan Spurlock says he’s staying with Ben Winston while his house is being renovated. More like he’s staying WITH HIS BOYFRIEND in a secret location.




The Number Of People Harry Styles Has Slept With Is…. 0


lol we all know that answer’s one, but he can’t exactly say that, now can he? 🙂


LOL at “Harry” or real Harry saying he doesn’t know about the Gryles rumors. HOW!? That’s all anyone would talk about forever! It pisses me off that idiots think just because Harry said he’s not bisexual it means he’s straight and not gay. That’s just a really, really stupid conclusion.

So many people are taking offense to what Louis/”Louis” said about “the type of girls who would sleep with you in a heartbeat aren’t the type of girls I’d take home anyway”, but I really think he means that the fans who would devalue HIM and themselves enough to sleep with him JUST because he’s Famous Louis Tomlinson aren’t the kinds of girls he’d sleep with (if he slept with girls). He wouldn’t take advantage of them like that (unlike another band that wanted to shoot their mouths off about all the fans they sleep with) and he wouldn’t want to be taken advantage of like that either. It’s sad for all parties involved, I think, when people do that because that makes you, essentially, just a hole for them to stick their dicks in, sorry for the crassness, but it’s true, and I’m glad he said that. Maybe now girls can get it out of their heads (HAHAHAHA YEAH RIGHT!) that he wouldn’t want to disrespect them and himself by screwing a random fan.

“big, visible cojones has long left Narnia” — can someone tell me what the HELL that means? because I have no clue….

I am kinda sad Zayn wouldn’t talk about what it’s like to be a Muslim and be in 1D but I get it. People have sent him horrible things for being Muslim, AND, as someone pointed out on Tumblr a few days ago, he’s gotta be THE Muslim icon to the whole world, like he’s representing them ALL and that just sucks. That’s SUCH a heavy burden to carry and it’s really not fair, so I don’t think it’s a stretch that he wouldn’t want to talk about that at all.

The section on how they want to be remembered really hurts, y’all, it really, really does. I don’t want to start imagining my life without them. I can’t.

Modest Is Ingraining Homophobia In Directioners And They Don’t Even Realize It 0


This is so, so great and everyone needs to read it. What they’re doing is disgusting, and problematic, and I can’t even image how horrible the backlash is going to be by fans who were “lied to” this entire time once they do come out. It’s going to be so horrible and I don’t even want to think about it.

NO Celebrity Owes You For YOUR OWN CHOICES 0

UNLESS someone is killing, self-harming, or threatening someone else in your name. That IS your responsibility as a decent human being to AT LEAST try to get them to stop and to say something. Beyond that it’s out of your control.

Aw, Wesley Crusher!

All hail, Wil Wheaton!Seriously, I LOVED this!


The crazy people who camp out don’t care about that brief moment, that brief encounter. The crazy people only care about taking a piece of $Celebrity.person and possibly selling it, or hording it, or … you know, I don’t even want to think about where that path leads.But that’s why they behave the way they do. It isn’t about our work, or about saying “thank you” or “high-five!” or anything about that. It’s about entitlement and being crazy, and I will not validate or condone that kind of behavior ever again.

I realize that a crazy person who thinks it’s entirely normal and not psycho to camp out in front of a hotel for hours and hours so they can trap a person isn’t going to understand why I will not validate that behavior, but I need to make this clear for the future: I’m a person. I am a  human being and if you cut me I will bleed. I’m happy to sign things and take pictures with people in appropriate situations, but if some dude violates my personal space or freaks me out, and then gets mad at me when I try to get away from him, I’m not going to do anything beyond telling that person to go fuck himself, and I’m not going to feel bad about it. To paraphrase Neil Gaiman, I am not your bitch.

To read the rest, and you SHOULD, go to http://wilwheaton.net/2011/07/if-you-cut-me-i-will-bleed/

Look familiar?


Mobbing. Is. Never. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. Ever. EVER. EVER. EVER. EVER OKAY. EVER.

Eleanor Calder Deserves NO Respect Whatsoever From ANYONE 0

Eleanor Calder is a bitch and deserve to have NO fame whatsoever. She’s a classless, talentless, piece of trash famous for drinking Starbucks, wearing Topshop, bearding for a popstar, and she makes me absolutely sick. I cannot WAIT until this bullshit of a contract is over and she can go the fuck away and take her dumbass Calderics with her and leave everyone I care about alone.
She’s done so, so, so, so, SO many things to to make me hate her and have NO respect for her whatsoever and this is just the top. You shouldn’t even HAVE fans, no one should know your NAME, so don’t treat the brainless sheep who love you like they aren’t worth your time!
Laughing SO HARD at the people telling me to respect her. Why???????? Literally tell me why I should give this irrelevant girl a single SECOND of my respect????? Because she “dates” a popstar? Because she’s pretty? Because she drinks Starbucks and wears nice clothes? Because you envy her life?
WHY SHOULD I WASTE A SINGLE SECOND RESPECTING SOMEONE WHO LITERALLY, ACTUALLY DOES ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WORTH RESPECTING WITH A SINGLE SECOND OF THEIR LIFE??????? It’s not like she’s a singer or dancer or doctor or a fashion designer, it’s not like she DOES something that, even if I didn’t like her, I’d have to respect that she at least has talent or cares about people. SHE DOES NOTHING. SHE DRINKS STARBUCKS AND GOES TO COLLEGE AND CAN’T EVEN HOLD HER “BOYFRIEND’S” HAND AFTER A YEAR OF DATING.
And yeah, I have a personal problem with her continued existence. It’s because of HER existence I get death threats daily, why my friends get death threats, why my friends cut and burn and starve and KILL themselves — ALL. BECAUSE. OF. HER. So no, I don’t like her and I really don’t like that her irrelevant skeletal ass is a reason to tell me to kill myself every day just because she exists and I don’t like her job.
And for the love of God NO I’m not saying I want her to die. I just want her to go back to being no one people obsess over just because she has the life they think they want.
Sorry, this was originally on FB (b/c I have CalderDicks there) and half the people don’t even know what 1D is so I have to recap lol.
I’M SO ANGRY. If I didn’t have church in the morning I’d be drinking right now lol oops.

Gordon Smart Is Gordon Dumb About Larry Fanfic 0


But the hysteria has reached a ridiculous new level after the lads became victims of gay love stories on the net.


Some of the deluded writers conjure up images of orgies involving all five of the band, while others focus on a fictional relationship between HARRY STYLES and LOUIS TOMLINSON.


Louis has hit out at daft gossip in the past, saying: “It is actually affecting the way me and Harry are in public.

“We want to joke around but there seems to be a different rumour every time we do anything.”

Just ignore it, lads.


Sorry for all the capslock and general lack of coherent responses, BSE just came out and I’m shaking.