Tom Daley to do naked photoshoots? 0


Tom says he “probably wouldn’t be allowed to” do naked photoshoots (isn’t he still in high school?), even though he walks around in a speedo all the time for diving.

. . . Aw, but why? (pervy)               TomD

That first photo might actually be Photoshopped, but . . . uh . . . like I care . . . Look at it, people!

I still remember when #TomDoMeDaley was a trend on Twitter constantly during the Olympics.


Okay, I have to balance this post (about how much I’d love to see Tom Daley naked oops) out with Tom looking like a cute cuppycake as a Louis look-a-like (bonus that they’re all friends, awwww).


P.S. Splash! is only in the UK and I’ve never even heard of it until this article . . . BOOOOOO!