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Zerrie And Elounor HQ Pics And Why I Don’t Mind 0

Confession, I actually tried Googling for some of the new pictures and couldn’t find any, so y’all are stuck with old ones. I know you’re absolutely devastated about it and I’m doing penance as we speak. Hopefully one day you will forgive me.


ElouNO (This was actually probably a cute selfie and their bromance is sweet)

You know what? I actually don’t mind Zerrie, in fact, I never really have. I don’t really care if it’s a PR stunt or not. If it is, he’s helping her band become successful and that’s nice. Also, they seem to genuinely be good friends and like each other, so it’s fine if we get a whole bunch of HQ pictures today. They’re adorable anyway. I’m glad that it looks like they’re staying together because I’m tired of this whole “Zayn’s a horrible cheater” angle the media is working. It makes him look awful and that’s just not fair to him, or to her, really. But I’m glad that if they HAD to do this it’s at least helping promote Little Mix in the US. I like them a lot and I’m glad they’re getting recognition. That was the whole point of setting Zayn and Perrie up anyway, right? So I’m glad it’s working now.

UPDATE: No Elounor pics happened, thank God.

On the Elounor front — we knew this was going to happen. With all the Larry we’ve gotten these past few days/weeks it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, right? I don’t even mind Elounor anymore anyway. After the horrors of Haylor I KNOW what it’s like to deal with a beard as selfish, conniving, and out for blood/money as Taylor. The differnce between Taylor and Eleanor is this: Taylor’s plan was ALWAYS to leave Harry’s reputation in shambles following their “break up”, it’s what she does. She wanted to make him look as bad as possible while they were together and as bad as possible when they “broke up”. She didn’t care about him, didn’t care that he loves Louis, doesn’t care about what he’s putting himself on the line to protect, all she cares about is playing the victim and making him look as terrible as possible.

Eleanor, however, actually cares about Louis, and his relationship with Harry, and protecting both of them. If she didn’t she NEVER would’ve signed up to do this in the first place. I know we’re pretty sure none of them knew it was going to turn into THIS, but the bottom line is that she DID originally do this so she could help protect them. Even though she’s getting paid for it she’s still helping them. She could be a completely horrible, selfish, over-bearing “trophy wife” who spews every sordid detail of their “relationship” to the press. She could be going in interviews every day and saying crap, but she doesn’t because that’s not her place and I believe she wouldn’t do that. Always remember that it could DEFINITELY be worse, but it’s not. She could do what Taylor does, but she doesn’t. She’s as done as he is, but she sticks around because it’s helping them (and because she needs the money for school, which I honestly don’t blame her for). I don’t mind their relationship at all.

In conclusion, don’t get upset about Elounor pics because we knew it was going to happen. Larry had an amazingly public week together and that’s awesome. They’re also about to go on an 8 month tour so they’ve gotta squeeze as much “couple time” in as they can. It’s still a PR stunt and we all know it, so don’t sweat it.

HollywoodLife Completely Twists Zayn’s Words To Make Him Sound Like An Asshole 0

Hollywood Life

(credit to and — the star above is theirs not mine!)

On Jan. 31, Zayn, 20, sat down for an interview on the UK show Daybreak, with his One Direction band mates Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson to talk about their trip to Ghana with the charity Comic Relief. Zayn said meeting the children and seeing how they live really opened his eyes.

“It kind of put things into perspective for me, just in like in everyday life you have like little problems that we think are so major, and then you go over there and you actually see people that are actually dealing with real problems,” Zayn said to Daybreak host Richard Arnold.

Is he referring to his cheating scandal as a “little problem”? I doubt Perrie, 19, would be too impressed with that! Even though she has not broken up with Zayn over the scandal, it’s unlikely that she would be thrilled that he is playing down what happened by saying that it’s not a “real problem.”

Whether the cheating scandal is true or not, Zayn needs to take it seriously. He doesn’t want to end up single like Harry!

Are you kidding me? Seriously? Are you for real? He was talking about ANYTHING other than that, you selfish assholes! He was being genuine and kind and saying the situation they live in makes him grateful for his and in the grand scheme of things a lot of us have “first world problems”, but then you go look at someplace like that and realize you don’t have it so bad. I’m offended and really, really furious that HL would DARE to twist his words like that just to sell an article!

Also, Harry isn’t single, you fool!



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Perrie And Zayn Are So Cute I Just Hurt And My Feelings Are Confused 0

They are just so precious, I mean, I just aklfdakldfkadflksdf, basically. I hate that they’re not real because they’re so cute and it makes me feel all weird and sad but happy because Ziam but adlfalkdfldflasdklfalksdfdklfkldfaf. At least they’re friends and they like each other and they’ve been able to pull off this “relationship” with believability. If it wasn’t for the way Zayn looks at Liam like he’s the brightest star in his universe and the fact that I think Ziam is now mutually real, I could totally buy this as a real relationship. In fact, I WOULD buy that this was a real relationship and Ziam still wasn’t mutually real if it wasn’t for Management’s (as always) over the top flipping their shit reaction to everyone starting to believe in Ziam. I don’t know, part of me wants them to still be real because they just are that precious, you know? And Perrie seems like a really sweet girl too. I just hope Zerrie is giving them the PR that they set out to create for Little Mix because they all deserve SOMETHING to go right for their troubles.

Zayn Allegedly Beds Aussie Beauty Who Then OF COURSE Goes And Spews All Her Trash To The Sun 0


There is NO WAY this story isn’t planted. We all KNOW PR/Management teams can make articles appear and disappear depending on what they want to sell and there’s NO WAY that they would’ve let this story get out if they didn’t want people knowing about it. I’m really, really disgusted because it could be completely fake (and I hope it is considering what she’s saying). It’s not like I think he’s an angel incapable of doing something like this if he really wanted to, and I’m pretty sure he used to do this kind of thing all the time before he and Perrie dated (or began bearding, whichever side you lean on that issue) it’s just gross and it makes me sad. You can tell he cares about Perrie and maybe he even loves her too, but he’s head over heels in love with Liam Payne and IF ANYTHING he wouldn’t do this TO LIAM.


Danielle Is “Getting Close” To Union J? Oh, Guess What? Liam Doesn’t Care. Woops. 0

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LOL this article implies Liam would be jealous that Danielle is “getting close” with Union J (love those boys!). Not just because one of them is gay (Aww, Jamie and Olly are so cute!) (and *I* think George and JJ are together), but Liam doesn’t give a crap. It’s more than obvious that SOMETHING is going on between him and Zayn, whether if it’s that they’re in a full-blown secret romance, as some rumors suggest, or he’s just now starting to realize Zayn’s been absolutely in love with him since The X Factor, I don’t know, but something is going on. It’s not even just the way Liam and Zayn (“Ziam”) are acting with each other, it’s (AS ALWAYS) the way Modest! Management is REACTING to those rumors.

They’ve deleted TONS of videos with Ziam in them after the Ziam masterpost went around and everyone freaked out about it. Now, ask yourself, if there was NOTHING GOING ON WHY DID THEY DO THAT? Why do they CONTINUALLY try to cover up something that they insist isn’t there? As we’ve been saying since the beginning about Larry — IF THERE’S NOTHING GOING ON WHY IS IT SUCH A BIG DEAL???? YOU CANNOT COVER UP SOMETHING THAT ISN’T THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Here’s enough links to convince you that SOMETHING is going on between them? It’s obvious!

My personal opinion is that I absolutely HATE the idea of Ziam exclusive in real life. I love it in fics, but it makes my teeth itch to think about it actually being a relationship for real, and for a long time I couldn’t figure out WHY that was, and then it hit me — Niall. I prefer to delude myself into thinking Zayn, Liam, and Niall are all in an open relationship and that’s the way it’s going to stay. So there. Harrumph. If they really are together then that’s absolutely fantastic and I really am SO happy for them, but I’ll never give up on OT3 being real.

Blind Gossip 49886 0

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Here’s the article for your viewing pleasure:

BG is strict about how their articles are shared and discussed, so I won’t be quoting any of it, but it talks about how super serious/in love this couple is, but how they can’t go public (because all the little carrots will cry when they realize they won’t be marrying 4/5). I believe this is about Louis and Harry (but it could be about Zayn and Liam since they don’t look alike). At the very least it is about one of the “alleged” couples from 1D. Given all the clues, I think that’s pretty obvious.


….. I mean, it’s just a coincidence…